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Insights from 1Password to Provide Businesses with Instant Oversight of Security Risks

Empowers IT and security admins to improve security posture with recommendations to keep employees safe and secure

TORONTO, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- 1Password, the leader in human-centric security and privacy for businesses and consumers, today launched Insights from 1Password to make it easier for businesses to gather actionable recommendations to keep employees secure and improve their overall security posture. With new tools to monitor data breaches, password vulnerabilities and team usage within shared vaults, Insights from 1Password not only identifies and reports security risks, but also provides suggested next steps and allows businesses to notify affected employees with a single click.

"To keep your employees safe and secure at work, you need to know where vulnerabilities exist in your organization," said Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password. "Having the right policies in place is just the start. We designed Insights from 1Password to give IT and security admins broader visibility into potential security risks so businesses improve their understanding of the threats posed by employee behavior, and have clear steps to mitigate those issues."

While Shadow IT and poor password hygiene are not new phenomena, these behaviors have dramatically escalated as workers suffer from extreme burnout in the remote and hybrid world, and leave businesses vulnerable to more security risks. According to 1Password's recent State of Access benchmark report, 'The Burnout Breach,' 20% of burned-out workers feel their company's security policies "aren't worth the hassle." Meanwhile, the same report reveals almost half (48%) of burned-out employees are creating, downloading or using software that hasn't been approved by their company's IT department.

Insights from 1Password offers a number of features that place enhanced security, visibility and control into the hands of IT and security organizations.

Breach checks - enables businesses to check for data breaches across the organization and easily notify users at risk.

  • See data breaches affecting existing team members: Identifies the types of data exposed within shared vaults for current 1Password users within the organization.
  • See data breaches affecting team members who aren't yet using 1Password: Identifies business email addresses exposed among employees who have yet to register for a 1Password account.
  • Alert employees about breaches with a single click: Uses 1Password-generated actionable recommendations to determine next steps and help secure affected employees.

Password health - helps businesses understand password health across the organization.

  • Monitor employees' password health in shared vaults: Identifies weak, reused and compromised passwords across employees and teams.
  • Generate business Watchtower reports: Leveraging data from Have I Been Pwned, helps IT and Security teams track and report on detailed password health metrics across every shared vault, all at once.
  • Share reports easily: Provides detailed exportable reports and shareable links to quickly mitigate risks and vulnerabilities.

Team usage - enables tracking and report generation, from within 1Password, on how teams are using 1Password to help minimize security risks like Shadow IT.

  • Identify who hasn't used their account lately: Send reminders to employees to use their accounts.
  • Understand who isn't using their private vaults: Send reminders to employees to mitigate risks from poor security hygiene.
  • Identify who hasn't redeemed their free Families account: Send reminders to help employees stay secure in their personal lives and build a strong security mindset.

Insights from 1Password is now available to 1Password Business customers. For more information about the feature sets and benefits, visit our website or stop by our booth (E311) at Collision Conference in Toronto.

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