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US Foods Direct adds Las Vegas bound Oregon Chipotle Sauce Maker to Lineup
Bend Sauce, a premium chipotle sauce maker joins Oregon State University led makers at the Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas, NV February 5-8th, 2022

BEND, Ore., Jan. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Bend Sauce LLC today announced they will be exhibiting at the Fancy Food Show along with a group of food and beverage makers organized by the Oregon State University Food Innovation Center. This milestone is a major move for Bend Sauce on its mission to become the "must have in the kitchen and/or on the shelf premium chipotle sauce" for food service and retailers across the US. For more information on the Fancy Food Show visit and for the Oregon State University Food Innovation Center visit 

"Our onboarding with US Foods Direct is the perfect complement to Fancy Food Show exhibit that brings together the best brands in food and beverage and retailers, restaurants and other food service buyers from around the world" says Craig Reinhart, Maker/Cofounder at Bend Sauce. Reinhart notes "We are honored to be part of the US Foods family of brands and join the OSU led coalition. We plan to make a saucy splash in Las Vegas that highlights the great food and beverage makers in Bend, Oregon and throughout the Pacific Northwest".

This news comes in the wake of many recent accomplishments of the company, including:

  • Bend Sauce and our upcycled seasonings are now available in over 160 retail and food service establishments across the US. Click here
  • Bend Sauce has launched both food service and retail sizes for each of its products including Bend Sauce and Cinder Dust, its seasoning rub and cocktail rimmer.
  • Bend Sauce has been widely recognized for its zero waste and upcycling of seeds and pulp during production as noted in this article by Kat Thompson, Thrillist 

"We are honored to join the US Foods family and look forward to bringing their customers the most authentic chipotle flavor and heat to tables, kitchens and grills" say Reinhart. To learn more about Bend Sauce from Bend, OR, click here

About Bend Sauce LLC: Bend Sauce® hails from the adventure town of Bend, Oregon. We strive to make the most authentic chipotle sauce available anywhere starting with whole organic Hatch, NM chipotles and all organic and natural ingredients, including Jacobsen Salt from the Oregon coast. What began as an everyday hot sauce, is now embraced by chefs as a secret ingredient saving them time and money while delighting consumers with our authentic chipotle flavor and heat. Everyday Hot Sauce. Secret Ingredient.™


For further information: Craig Reinhart, Bend Sauce LLC, 503-781-1655,