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vivo VISION+ Grand Exhibition 2021 Opens in Beijing
vivo has partnered with Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and creators to recap "Our 2021" and convey the human-centric fascination of mobile imaging technology
  • vivo VISION+ Grand Exhibition 2021, "Create Together, Our 2021", officially opened in the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing. The Exhibition displays outstanding works from this year's VISION+ Project, presenting achievements embodying the "Create Together" motto.
  • With over 1,000 pieces on display, the exhibit tells the stories of creators living in the present moment, setting out from their hometowns to pursue their dreams. They depict an authentic portrait of life in 2021 while conveying the unique charm of mobile imaging.

BEIJING, Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, vivo VISION+ Grand Exhibition 2021 ("Exhibition") officially opened in the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing. The Exhibition, on view from December 6 to December 22, 2021, serves as a wrap-up event for the 2021 vivo VISION+ Project. It will display outstanding works selected from the VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards 2021 and VISION+ Short Short FilmAwards 2021, as well as images created with vivo smartphones by internationally acclaimed photographers, including Martin Parr and Xiao Quan. Together, the featured creations embody the theme of the VISION+ Project, "Create Together".

With the theme "Create Together, Our 2021", the Exhibition is divided into five sections, including "We", "Growing Up", "Night and Dream", "The Future and Far Away", and "End: Create Together". Through a variety of media and imaging techniques, the Exhibition links the living circumstances, feelings, and everyday moments recorded with smartphones by VISION+ Project participants over the past year. It tells the stories of creators living in the present moment, setting out from their hometowns to pursue their dreams. The Exhibition demonstrates that anyone can become a creator, capturing one's surroundings with only a smartphone.

Poster of the Exhibition

"We are honored to join hands with Three Shadows to present the VISION+ Grand Exhibition comprising the achievements of the 2021 vivo VISION+ Project," said Spark Ni, Senior Vice President and CMO of vivo. "The VISION+ Project has served as an exchange platform for many outstanding creators and their photography works. With the physical exhibition, we hope these touching works will encourage more people to document the beauty of everyday life with their smartphones. vivo is committed to deepening the partnership with our global imaging strategic partner, ZEISS, inspiring more people to experience joy through creation with more human-centric professional photography technology."

"The VISION+ Grand Exhibition gives us a glimpse of the new styles and trends pertaining to the 'Create Together' movement. These photos record not only individuals and objects but also the emotions of ordinary people during this extraordinary year," said Rong Rong, curator of the vivo VISION+ Grand Exhibition 2021 and founder of Three Shadows. "As a communication platform between contemporary photographic arts and the public, we are very excited to partner with vivo to present the outstanding works of the VISION+ Project in a distinctive narrative and share the power and charm of mobile imaging with the public."

vivo VISION+ Grand Exhibition 2021 Create Together, Our 2021

From hometowns to remote places, experiencing the powerful emotions of everyday life through images and videos

The Exhibition collects photos and short films shot with smartphones by VISION+ Project creators. These images not only depict a range of collective memories from the past year, including the fight against the pandemic, disaster relief efforts, and international sports events, but also intimate moments of everyday life. Thus, delivering strong emotional resonance and unique visual experiences to every visitor.

In the first section, entitled "We", multiple images are suspended on both sides of the exhibition hall. Like walking into a smartphone album, visitors can enjoy creators' most cherished memories and familiar places. Documentary photographer Martin Parr chose to feature his hometown on the coast of Cornwall in the U.K., while famous Chinese portrait photographer Xiao Quan captured the everyday routine of the craftsmen in his birthplace, Chengdu. Through their smartphone lens, these creators turned snapshots of life into personal stories that we can all relate to.

vivo VISION+ Grand Exhibition 2021 “We” section

The section "Growing Up" displays difficult moments in which creators had to overcome obstacles. Three short films illustrating real-life challenges are looped on three screens, emphasizing the power of support and love from friends and family. It also includes a series of photos focusing on specific groups in different regions, such as herdsmen on the plateau waiting outside a free clinic, and citizens weathering a rainstorm together in Zhengzhou. Despite the diverse living scenarios, all of these subjects portray active and optimistic attitudes towards life. These images demonstrate that every one of us is drawing life from everyday connections with those around us.

vivo VISION+ Grand Exhibition 2021 “Growing Up” section

In the section "Night and Dream", visitors can appreciate the magnificent bird's eye views of New York at night through the lens of National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita. They will also follow the lenses of multiple other creators who depict individuals pursuing their dreams against the backdrop of night. An interactive installation illustrating a nighttime scene is specially set up in this section. Several cubic lamps are simultaneously switched on in a dark room, creating an immersive experience. Interwoven are numerous dreams-like scenes that appear to the audience like starlight illuminating the whole world.

vivo VISION+ Grand Exhibition 2021 “Night and Dream” section


vivo VISION+ Grand Exhibition 2021 “Night and Dream” section

With a bright, vibrant orange color as the main tone, the section "The Future and Far Away" displays various scenes of life through a range of creative images. It aims to inspire more people to leverage the convenience and portability of mobile imaging, documenting life through new angles while fueling creativity.

vivo VISION+ Grand Exhibition 2021 “The Future and Far Away” section

Empowering more people to experience joy through creative expression

Walking through the Exhibition, visitors can experience intimate stories captured with smartphone cameras by creators worldwide. Although they depict different realities, they all demonstrate respect for ordinary life. These numerous images convey strong emotions and inspire visitors to document and share everyday life with their smartphone cameras. This also echoes the original intention of the VISION+ Project: calling on more people to capture moments with their smartphones and experience joy through creative expression.

vivo will continue to join hands with ZEISS and other renowned partners to improve human-focused professional photography capabilities and carry out the value of the VISION+ Project, "Create Together". By doing so, vivo aims to enrich the culture of smartphone photography by encouraging people-centric projects and conveying the "Joy of Humanity" ethos though mobile imaging with more creators worldwide.

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