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Infrastructure Focused Equipment Demos at Utility Expo by Versalift, Ruthmann Reachmaster, & BrandFX Body

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Time Manufacturing Company is thrilled to announce its largest-ever presence at the 2021 Utility Expo. Continuing to execute upon its global growth plan, the manufacturer has deepened its portfolio of premium equipment brands and brings more people and equipment to the show than ever before. Time Manufacturing Company brands cover more than an acre of outdoor showroom space across three booths at this year's Utility Expo, including Versalift, BrandFX, and Ruthmann Reachmaster. Each of these brands are industry leaders in safety, quality, and innovation.

The Utility Expo is the premier event for utility professionals and construction contractors, providing insight into the latest innovations and trends impacting the electric utility construction and maintenance industries. 

The Versalift booth (E-833) shares a full series offering of equipment, featuring dozens of vehicle mounted aerial lifts. Highlights at the Versalift booth include:

  • 29 foot custom built 5G Aerial Lifts with Climate Controlled Splicing Cabins, revolutionizing the way that National Telecom Providers are building their new networks
  • Heavy Duty line of 40 foot Material Handling Aerials that provides a new passive safety system for lifting heavy transformers without the need to review a load chart.
  • Lithium battery powered electric operation for fleets that seek a sustainable alternative to carbon emitting boom operation
  • A range of extremely durable Forestry Equipment
  • Insulated and non-insulated High Reach Aerials ranging from 100 to 180 feet with custom designed cockpit design for Transmission Electric utility construction and Maintenance.

The company introduces patent pending innovation - SlopeMax®, the Newest Safety System from Versalift

SlopeMax® is a passive safety system for vehicle-mounted aerial lifts that measures the slope angle of the surface and boom, and limits the horizontal reach via the lower boom function, whenever it is necessary. This innovation serves to prevent avoidable accidents, and allows technicians to work in safer conditions without the need to constantly check slope angle indicators.

The BrandFX booth (E-821) presents several units, including a 24 year-old BrandFX service body demonstrating the longevity of their advanced composite design. Additional BrandFX booth highlights include:

  • 84TXT advanced composite line body, with mounted aerial device
  • UltimateFX all-composite service body on a half ton truck with an 8 foot bed
  • BrandFX Workpods to add security and functionality to truckbeds without reducing payload.

The Ruthmann Reachmaster booth (E-551) will feature several pieces of innovative equipment from the world-class engineers at Ruthmann, including:

  • Ruthmann Ecoline 75A, a 75 foot aerial with a GVWR of less than 10,000 lbs.
  • Ruthmann Eagle T-108A with 108 foot working height and no need for a CDL
  • Ruthmann Steiger® T-295A HF, the most capable 90 meter aerial in North America
  • BlueLift B-72 COMBO, offering both the choice of combustion engine and the Lithium Battery pack
  • BlueLift B-101, 20 foot long compact lift with over 100 feet of reach.

Additional products at the Ruthmann Reachmaster booth include a Winlet Lasius 2200 1 ton pick & carry crane, a Bibi BL26 and a Jibbi 52. Bibi and Jibbi are rough-terrain compact aerial lifts presented by Ruthmann Reachmaster.  The Ruthmann Reachmaster booth will also feature a Winlet ErgoMover 3300, which is a self-propelled 3,300 lb. capacity, all-terrain material carrier.

Time Manufacturing Company goes to market under the Versalift, BrandFX, Aspen Aerials, Ruthmann, Steiger, Eagle, EcoLine and BlueLift brands, serving infrastructure customers across North America, and around the world. The company now employs more than 2,000 associates worldwide.

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