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BIG TREND: Quaint milk doors of the 50s are making a high-tech comeback as families return to the safety and convenience of home delivery

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif., Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- While the milkman disappeared from most communities after the 1950's, fresh food delivery is making an amazing comeback. A new California product called Fresh Portal modernizes the charming "milk door" feature of old houses as a technology trend for the 21st century.

For many years, quality homebuilders added small compartments for the milkman to stow perishables. The doors opened from the outside with a corresponding door inside to remove the milk and replace the empty bottles. Some even opened to a cellar where temperatures stayed cooler.

"Now we have the technology to create temperature-controlled delivery units with digital security," said Jeremy High, CEO, and founder of Fresh Portal. "Your medicine can stay cool, or your pizza can stay hot in a sealed unit no one can touch without a unique passcode."

These units are as innovative as their predecessors were quaint. A stainless-steel cabinet that holds four full-sized paper grocery bags is installed into an exterior wall of a home or office. Once activated, it sends a one-time access code the person making a delivery and sterilizes the packages with a Far-UVC disinfection light when they close the door.

Safe and sanitary, Fresh Portal helps people who remember the milk door get food and prescriptions delivered safely without having to worry about porch pirates. Fresh Portal can also be a lifesaver for younger families who like having safe, hot meals when they arrive home at night.

Fresh Portal is making the units available to a select group of homebuilders who lead design trends. The units will be on display at the International Builders Show in February, but innovative builders who want to install them now can contact High through the website.

In the 1920's milk doors were as common as mailboxes are today. With Statista projecting 2.8 billion people will be using online food delivery by 2025, it looks like safety, convenience, and assurance that food will still be consumable when you get home will be a big trend for the future.

"Milk doors went away in the mid-1900's with the advent of big grocery stores," says High. "It is exciting to work with home builders who see the advantages of protecting deliveries for people who want safe options for home delivery and farm-to-table."

SOURCE The Fresh Portal

For further information: Carolyn Green 618-791-1398, or Jeremy High