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VOICE Talks Explores "Starting a New Decade with VOICE and AI," February 25
Show Takes Both A Cloud Level View & Deep Dive Into the Technologies that Comprise the Future of Voice Tech

WASHINGTON, Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- "VOICE Talks," a monthly hour-long talk show that discusses the latest developments in voice technology, announced its next episode will air February 25 at 2 p.m. ET.  The show "Starting a New Decade in Voice and AI" will first take a "cloud-level" look at the future of voice-enabled technologies. It will then dive deeper into the mechanics of the many technologies that drive voice applications.

Host Sofia Altuna, Global Product Partnerships, Google Assistant, will explore how artificial intelligence (AI), natural language understanding (NLU), machine learning and the cloud will power what is ahead for voice, and take conversational tech to a whole new level.

Guests will include:

  • Ashwin Ram, Technical Director, AI, Google Cloud - will demonstrate how voice technology leverages the capabilities and scale of cloud computing to tackle tough challenges in voice.
  • Jeff Adams, CEO of Cobalt, and Michael Meyers, VP of XAPP - will dive into the challenges voice and AI will face in the coming years, as well as the approach their companies take in developing and designing conversational assistant technologies.
  • Saurabh Sharma, Head of Google Assistant Investments, and Jef Valadares CEO, Doppio Games - will discuss the emerging technologies the Assistant Investments program funds, the types of startups it invests in and how listeners can submit their concept. Doppio Games will share its perspective about the benefits of being an Assistant portfolio company and demo a product.
  • Carl Robinson, CEO, Rumble Studio - will share the game-changers of voice technology and how brands and users alike can benefit from integrating this technology into their everyday lives.
  • Jan König, Co-founder, Jovo Braden Ream CEO & Head of Customer Success, Voiceflow Inc., and Jessica Dene Earley Cha, Google Developer Relations Team - will explain the open-source framework, efficiency, flexibility and consistency that is now available to voice developers.

"There's so much we don't know that makes the future fundamentally impossible to predict," shares Jeff Adams, CEO of Cobalt, when asked to make predictions about AI and voice. "But that's the joy of it. The future is in our blindspot and that makes it an adventure. We are going to create it and see it when it gets here."

"There is no question that voice tech is already having a profound impact on our daily lives," said Pete Erickson, CEO, Modev.  "As machine learning, AI and data become more sophisticated, it is clear our voice technologies will soon create solutions to challenges we haven't begun yet to imagine."

About VOICE Talks
Produced by Modev and presented by Google Assistant, VOICE Talks is the fastest growing internet technology show featuring industry leaders discussing the latest developments relating to AI-powered voice technologies. Developers, marketers, gamers and voice tech enthusiasts can tune-in live for the chance to interact and ask questions with the show's host, or share their video story in advance for a chance to be featured on the show or receive devices.

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About Modev:
Modev was founded by Pete Erickson in 2008 on the simple belief that human connection is vital in the era of digital transformation. Today, Modev leverages exponential technologies and methods to build communities at scale, manage transformation strategies and produce market/leading events such as VOICE Summit, sponsored by Amazon Alexa, and Spinnaker Summit, sponsored by Netflix. Modev also curates specialty communities such as Voicehacks, and Security by Design. Modev staff, better known as "Modevators," include more than 45 community building and transformation experts from around the world.

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