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Revelox Plans for Continued Growth Following May's ECRM Conference
Revelox Returns from ECRM with New Deals in the Works

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Canadian health and wellness brand, Revelox plans to expand their selling model after a successful round of meetings at the historic virtual ECRM conference. The Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) conference is an opportunity for established and emerging brands to meet with retailers in their field, in the hopes of having their products sold through some of the largest online and brick and mortar retailers in the United States.

May's ECRM program, Healthy Living, Vitamin, and Nutrition, has been a stand-out event since the conference was forced to be held entirely online due to social distancing procedures. This change in meeting format has served to uplift brands who are able to adapt by demonstrating significant tech-literacy in what is being called the new age of business to business marketing.

Revelox has been versed in online sales and marketing for years, allowing their customers to read in-depth descriptions before choosing to buy. Founded in 2012, Revelox creates beauty and wellness products utilizing Hyaluronic Acid as a featured ingredient. Hyaluronic acid has been heavily researched as a beauty ingredient because it is composed of compounds that are found most abundantly in the skin and need to be replenished more frequently as skin deteriorates.

Because Hyaluronic Acid is able to bring hydration to the body on a cellular level it is often used medicinally to help lubricate joints and treat minor burns, and even to keep eyes moist and healthy.

Ingesting Hyaluronic Acid seems to be the most effective way of getting an adequate dose, and because it is virtually tasteless, this is not a difficult task. For this reason, Revelox has been extremely successful with their liquid supplements, like their popular, PureHA Formula. Orally ingesting liquid supplements increases the chance that the nutrients will reach their desired destinations, and nothing will be wasted.

The demand for innovative products featuring Hyaluronic Acid has been growing, as more people look for ways to preserve their skin's moisture and youthful appearance, and the ability to buy products online, at a distance, gives Revelox a natural advantage. A major component of all online buying lately has been the amount of viewable research available, so customers can conduct their own vetting process before they hit buy.

Research is where Revelox really shines. With a wealth of information available online about not only Hyaluronic Acid, but about all of their ingredients, Revelox has been an easy choice for customers in their home market, and now, following their ECRM debut, in the United States.

ECRM helps connect retailers with brands that are destined for success, but never before has the process of showcasing products been entirely web-based. May's conference featured rapid-fire video meetings in lieu of their regular face-to-face sit-downs, giving brands only a few short minutes to pitch a product before jumping into the next digital interview.

But even in this high-stress format, the unique quality of products that Revelox was able to bring to the supplement market came through clear as day.

Look for Revelox as they continue expanding into the United States retail market throughout 2020.

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