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Oral Science Accelerates Plans for U.S. Retail Expansion After Fruitful ECRM Conference
Oral Science Makes New Contacts at the ECRM

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dental health innovator, Oral Science is looking to further their retail expansion into the United States following a successful round of interviews at last month's ECRM conference. The Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) Conference enables both established and up-and-coming brands to meet with retailers from across the country and showcase their products, hoping to form mutually beneficial partnerships.

May's program, Healthy Living/Vitamin, and Nutrition, involved a new meeting format for this industry famous conference as social distancing protocol moved the entire event to online platforms. ECRM, which is normally a face-to-face networking convention, took place in a virtual setting, thanks to video meeting technology.

While participants of May's conference were glad to find a safe workaround, the format undoubtedly created a stronger atmosphere of competition, highlighting brands with clear product quality and appealing visual representations.

Oral Science has been successful in their industry since inception in 2004, with products for sale both directly to consumers, as well as having lines designed for use by medical professionals. This industry experience, coupled with name recognition and a strong background in product research, made Oral Science stand out to buyers who were looking to invest in a brand with a proven track record.

Oral Science creates products that cater to a variety of needs and a variety of age groups, like their X-PUR CARIØ JUNIOR, designed for children. The brand also makes fluoride-free products in accordance with customer demand. In fact, Oral Science is currently the only maker of fluoride-free products that have been deemed powerful enough to prevent cavities.

While many all-natural brands create products without fluoride, Oral Science has gone the extra mile in their process, to perfect a formula for fluoride-free cavity prevention that can be safely used by all types of patients. This kind of recognition in their field certainly paints Oral Science as the gold standard for industry excellence and gives them a significant advantage in future sales partnerships.

After a successful round of meetings at the ECRM conference, Oral Science may be expanding their retail sales within the United States sooner than expected. Their products are currently for sale through their website,

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