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Strata Oncology and Collaborators to Present Data at ASCO 2020 Supporting the Use of StrataNGS to Facilitate a Large-Scale Precision Oncology Program
- Systematic NGS Program, featuring a Molecular Profiling Test Optimized for Small Tumor Tissue, Supports Widespread Implementation of NGS Testing -

ANN ARBOR, Mich., May 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Strata Oncology, a precision oncology company advancing molecular indications for cancer therapies, announced that three studies will be presented at the 2020 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) demonstrating the benefits of increased patient access using the StrataNGS comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) assay.

One study shows an expanded proportion of patients with actionable biomarkers due to the capability of the StrataNGS test with small tissue samples. The results from an analysis of data collected in the Strata Trial demonstrated that less than half of >20,000 FFPE tumor tissue samples met tumor surface area requirements for leading commercial hybrid-capture CGP tests. StrataNGS, a PCR-CGP test, successfully reported results in 96% of all samples received. Another study discusses the benefits of implementing a genomic oncology program for patients with advanced cancer in a community oncology network.

"These studies underscore the importance of the Strata Oncology CGP assay and precision oncology services in supporting widespread implementation of a robust precision oncology program. Given the pace of innovation for targeted and immunotherapies, it is critical that we work toward a future where every patient with advanced cancer is molecularly profiled and receives their best possible treatment outcome," said Scott Tomlins, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer of Strata Oncology. "We are excited to showcase research demonstrating our commitment to enabling broad patient access to molecular profiling through system-wide implementation of a CGP test with industry-low tumor tissue requirements."

All abstracts became available online May 13, after 5 pm ET. Posters will be available on the Strata Oncology website ( with recorded presentations by the studies' lead authors once they are presented.

  • "PCR-based Comprehensive Genomic Profiling: Feasibility From >20,000 Tumor Tissues Specimens and Predicted Impact on Actionable Biomarker Identification Versus Hybrid Capture and Plasma," presented by Scott Tomlins, M.D., Ph.D., Strata Oncology, (Abstract 3574);
  • "Implementing a Genomic Oncology Program in an Integrated Health Care Network with Large Scale Genomic Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Testing of Advanced Cancers in a Community Setting," Marie Suga, M.D., Kaiser Permanente Northern California, lead author (Abstract e19185);
  • "The Impact of Tumor NGS Testing on Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment and Population Management in an Integrated Community Health Care System," presented by Sachdev Thomas, M.D., Kaiser Permanente Northern California (Abstract # 312647).

About StrataNGS

StrataNGS is a comprehensive genomic profiling assay that assesses DNA and RNA in solid tumors. The assay requires industry-low tumor tissue samples (0.5mm2). StrataNGS is performed on co-isolated RNA and DNA and detects all classes of genomic alterations, including SNVs, small insertions and deletions, gene fusions, exon skipping mutations and copy number changes. Results include MSI and TMB. to help inform immunotherapy decisions.

About Strata Oncology

Strata Oncology, Inc. is a precision medicine company dedicated to transforming cancer care by building a platform to systematize precision oncology across a network of health systems and pharma companies. Strata empowers health systems to deliver a cost-effective, system-wide, precision oncology program, one that integrates cutting-edge molecular profiling and precision therapy trials with routine care, so that all advanced cancer patients have the opportunity to benefit. This large network of trial-ready health systems provides a mechanism to rapidly and predictably enroll precision therapy trials. For more information visit 

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