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Residents Medical Pushes For More Teaching Hospitals At ACGME Conference In San Diego

LOS ANGELES, April 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Residents Medical attended The ACGME (Academic Council on Medical Education) as they held their annual Summit Conference from February 27th - February 28th in San Diego. Each of RMG's team members were present and attended various GME sessions.

A key session presented by the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates explained that by 2023 all international schools would need to be accredited by an accreditation body that is approved by the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME).

Dr. Everest, Chief Academic Officer and Chairman of RMG explained to India-West the importance of WFME recognition. The lack of recognition will result in international physicians losing the opportunity to do Residency in America. "Without WFME recognition, international physicians will not be allowed to do residency in America. Our team helps get 50 to 60 IMG's a year into residency, many are from India, and some of them also need a J or H1 Visa, so we are monitoring this new requirement."

25 percent of all physicians in the US are IMGs and 25 percent of America's current residents are IMGs with various states having up to 40 percent IMG physicians (New Jersey) or 20 percent (California).

With regard to international ACGME accreditation, Greg Heffernan, Vice President of Academic Affairs for Residents Medical, underscores that it is a very complex and demanding process that creates the best teaching hospital in the world. "You are creating a GME school, just like the US with the same standards and excellence and we want them to be the best there is. Once in place and accredited, the program must be carefully managed to meet the standards required. But the payoff is that it will become a central hub to train physicians in the country and any physician passing through can do fellowships in the United States," says Heffernan.

About Residents Medical:
Residents Medical is passionate about alleviating the Residency Bottleneck by building tomorrow's doctors today. Their innovative model uses a network of residency programs affiliated with top U.S. medical schools and teaching hospitals to collaborate with The Everest Foundation, which supports GME programs throughout the U.S. Together, they break down the barriers to residential acceptance for their candidates.

Toonan Khandaker

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