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DXFactor Named a Top 50 Tech Company in the US
DXFactor's groundbreaking Outcomes Driven Digital Transformation Solutions and Outcomes Platform earned them a spot on InterCon's 2019 Top 50 Tech Company list.

LAS VEGAS, July 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DXFactor, the developer of Outcomes Driven Digital Transformation solutions, was named one of the Top 50 Tech companies in the US at the InterCon Conference. Additionally, David Jack, who leads Marketing and Partnerships at DXFactor, was named a Top Tech 50 Leader.

The InterCon program brings together leading minds to help drive the new global economy by sharing ideas and innovations shaping the future of technology. InterCon's Top 50 Tech Company program receives thousands of nominations per year. DXFactor and David Jack scored in the top 50 of all tech companies in the entire country, thus qualifying them as a Top 50 Tech Company, in addition to David Jack's nomination as a Top 50 Tech Leader.

DXFactor is a company whose purpose is to instill Outcomes Driven Digital Transformation by helping companies build and implement DX solutions recommended by the Outcomes Platform that, when precisely implemented, are guaranteed to generate successful outcomes. In less than six months, DXFactor has partnered with Fortune 500 and Fortune 50 companies as clients.

DXFactor was named a Top 50 Tech company due to their transformative work for their clients, who leverage the company's groundbreaking Outcomes Platform, built to identify the "What" at the beginning of a company's digital transformation journey. The first-of-its-kind platform proposes DX solutions that are proven to generate successful business outcomes, which focuses on the Customer Empathy Model, that is proven to generate billions in positive outcomes.

"Being recognized as a Top 50 Tech Company is an amazing testament to our team's work, but more importantly to the outcomes, our clients have achieved and the impact they have made around the world. We believe what we have built isn't just game-changing — it's redefining the game entirely," said David Jack, Director of Marketing and Partnerships, DXFactor.

About DXFactor
DXFactor empowers enterprises, startups, and founders with Outcomes Driven Digital Transformation, resulting in an economical and societal increase in positive Outcomes. We believe that when every company, founder and community delivers greater outcomes we together build an Outcomes Driven Economy that will positively impact our world. For more information, visit

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