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New Branding Fortifies LUX FTS's Position as the Industry Leader
New strategy underscores an era of dynamic change for this business technology disruptor

NEW YORK, Feb. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- LUX Fund Technology & Solutions (LUX FTS) today announced the launch of a major rebranding to reflect its top product's evolution into the premier software solutions platform for the alternative asset management industry. LUX FTS is a business and technology solutions provider for the financial services industry. LUX Transcend, the company's primary product, serves as a firm's portfolio intelligence dashboard, dynamic data warehouse, integration platform, and reporting solution. The rebrand includes a complete redesign of the user experience and company's website (, messaging strategy, and logo.

The new logos utilize the form of the letter “X” to create a modified infinity symbol. The negative space forms two arrows.

"The logos indicate the overall competence of the LUX FTS brand as well as its commitment to the transparency of data," said CEO Jeremy Siegel. "The branding represents sophistication and modernity, which also are important components of the LUX Transcend user experience. Every interaction with the platform is designed to be reliable, on time, and hassle-free."

"The evolution of our company and our platform has led to considerable success. Over the last six months, LUX FTS has doubled its client base while also adding a great deal of diversification," said LUX FTS Co-President Patrick Kehoe. "We continue to evolve from our roots as a Geneva consulting firm, and we created LUX Transcend to serve a broader market than our traditional base of hedge funds. The platform now serves family offices and asset management companies, offering a variety of services and functions including Treasury."

For family offices, LUX Transcend can:

  • Calculate returns based on multiple sources of data
  • Calculate fees
  • Manage data (documents and manual inputs) all in one place

For Treasury functions, LUX Transcend can:

  • Deliver equity finance reporting
  • Produce short borrow reporting
  • Offer security lending features

For asset managers, LUX Transcend offers new reconciliation tools including:

  • Position recon
  • Transaction matching

"LUX Transcend has evolved its user interface from the ground up. The new interface is purposely understated," said LUX FTS Co-President Nik Takmopoulos. "By simplifying design elements, LUX FTS allows users to focus exclusively on their business objectives."

Some of the platform's most popular features are:

  • The ability for users to organize their dashboards
  • Enhanced navigation with the addition of user-defined categories
  • The capability for users to make manual edits and overrides to data within LUX Transcend
  • User-friendly troubleshooting and compliance within the platform
  • New visual options in the interface, reports, and dashboards that are intelligently tailored to each user's needs

The rebrand follows other recent changes at the company, most notably, appointing Jeremy Siegel as CEO to lead the company as it continues to build out innovative data solutions for the alternative assets sector. With 24 years of experience in client relationship management and hedge fund industry knowledge, Jeremy represents the positive growth of the company. LUX FTS is leveraging this momentum to participate in numerous events and speaking engagements. In November, CEO Jeremy shared his expertise at the Seward & Kissel "Private Funds Forum" event.  Coming up, LUX FTS will be sponsoring the QUANDL Data Conference on Feb. 28, 2019 in New York.

About LUX FTS:

Founded in 2012, LUX Fund Technology & Solutions, Inc. (LUX FTS) powers LUX Transcend, the best-in-class data warehousing and reporting software solution for the alternative asset management industry. Founded by operations and technology veterans, the platform is configurable by the end user and the SaaS-based platform provides a secure and cost-effective solution to automation. LUX Transcend serves as a firm's portfolio intelligence dashboard, dynamic data warehouse and integration system designed specifically for firms in financial services. LUX FTS is based in New York. For more information, please visit


The new logos utilize the form of the letter “X” to create a modified infinity symbol. The negative space forms two arrows.


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