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Green Harvest One Selected to Present at CleanEquity® Monaco 2019 - Hosted by Innovator Capital

LONDON, Feb. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Green Harvest One will present at CleanEquity® Monaco 2019 on 14th & 15th March at the Fairmont Monte Carlo.

CleanEquity Monaco 2019 Logo (PRNewsfoto/Innovator Capital)

CleanEquity® is an annual invitation-only event hosted by Innovator Capital, the London based specialist investment bank. The conference provides an intimate and collegiate setting for inventors and entrepreneurs to share their stories with delegates - key decision makers looking to assist them with reaching their commercial and strategic goals.

Other partners and sponsors include Prince Albert II of Monaco's Foundation, Cision, Covington & Burling, Cranfield University, Hobbs & Towne, Monaco Economic Board, and Parkview International.

Green Harvest One has been identified by an expert panel as one of the world's most innovative sustainable technology companies and has been selected to present to selected sovereign, corporate, family and professional investors & acquirers, policy makers, end users and international trade media.

About Green Harvest One

Green Harvest One (GH1) is a next-generation clean-technology solution that converts organic waste (agricultural, food system, and organic residuals) into clean energy, clean water, heat, fertilizer, and value-added specialty products—all in one location.

GH1's Distributed Energy Resource (DER) infrastructure is an integrated platform of clean technologies that converts organic waste to valuable products – namely energy (heat, power and chemicals), water, fertilizer, and food for human consumption. The GH1 DER technology – demonstrated at commercial scale – utilizes advanced fermentation (anaerobic digestion), thermal-chemical reduction (gasification), gas conversion (combinations of heat, power and chemicals), and wastewater processing. The integrated DER systems rely on both proprietary methods and packaged system components-off-the-shelf, providing for a hub-and-spoke approach to creating value from waste. 

By deploying DER infrastructure, GH1 targets a major disruption of the linkage between the food production system (land/animal management, processing, consumption and disposal) and its negative impacts on the environment – including air and water pollution. By capturing biomass waste at the source and processing it in real-time, the complete avoidance of uncontrolled atmospheric deposition of greenhouse gases generated during the decomposition of biomass waste is achieved. Current methodologies for organic waste management – landfill deposit and agricultural land application – are no longer economically or environmentally sustainable.

Greenhouse gas emissions associated with the decomposition of biomass – including food waste – is one of the largest contributors to global climate change. The uncontrolled conveyances of excess chemicals derived from the decomposition of biomass are one of the largest contributors to water resource contamination globally. By up-cycling resources recovered from waste, GH1 targets the creation and management of circular economies in suburban and rural areas where intense agriculture production, food processing and waste generation are taking place.

GH1 has an operational facility in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA and has successfully demonstrated the DER system by processing approximately 30,000 tons of animal waste, food waste and other organic materials.  GH1 is currently expanding its processing capabilities at its existing facility as well as pursuing the development of two larger facilities at industrial sites.

GH1 believes that the avoidance of biomass/organics land filling and land application, combined with the production of renewable and sustainable products, will provide a very attractive economic, environmental and social return on investment.

Tim Brown, Chief Development Officer
Green Harvest One Corporation
Cell: (757) 810-3536
Office: (610) 793-4370

About Innovator Capital 

Innovator Capital, established in 2003, is a specialist investment bank advising emerging technology companies on corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions. Its expertise includes intellectual property and multi-national strategic partnering.

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