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The Prego trade show in Tampa Big Hit for Swabbies, Inc.
Record attendance at trade show for Swabbies Supreme Diaper Cream and their one of a kind patented applicator
Swabbies moves public relations in house for a more personal approach

TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 29, 2018 Swabbies made an appearance at The Prego Expo in Tampa Florida, this trade show had record attendance of over 1200 persons for the single day event. Carman Campbell, CEO and inventor of Swabbies stated, "I personally attended the trade show and got out to shake hands with all the beautiful expectant mothers, gave out free samples and answered any questions they had to better educate the market on our brand. I love this type of hands on approach."  Campbell continued, "I feel it establishes solid relationships with our customer base that will benefit the company long term. While we are in the early stages of the company's development I feel this type of hands on approach to marketing and educating the public will greatly aid in the success of our brand."

While at The Prego Expo, Swabbies had over 300 persons visit the booth. They received a live demonstration of how the disposable patented pre-filled applicator worked and received a free sample. As a result, there was a sellout of inventory brought to the show. "The Prego Expo was a huge success," stated Campbell. "Every person that visited the booth seemed genuinely interested and most expressed a desire to be sent links, so they could make online purchases of the product."

There was even a Facebook Live visit of Mrs. Campbell mid-day by another exhibitor from Spray Pal.

And she stated she had been waiting all morning for the crowd to die down around the Swabbies booth to see what all the interest was about. Feel free to visit the Spray Pal Facebook page to see the interview first hand.

Swabbies plans to attend another trade show in a few weeks called the Florida Kids and Family Expo in Orlando to be held on August 18 and 19th. According to The Daddy Company, Swabbies was the buzzword of the show, in fact they came over after the show to congratulate Campbell on having one of the hottest new products featured at the show.

Swabbies has also seen a huge increase in interest from big box retailers as well as medical distributors and small hospitals. "The product is already available online through Amazon and should be on big retail shelves soon. We hope by year end," says Campbell.  While Swabbies was originally developed out of a necessity for an alternative way of applying messy diaper creams. "The company has also been approached by other companies whom expressed interest in using the Swabbies patented sanitary applicator to apply other products because of the ease of application and reducing the applier chances of direct contact with a patient potentially reducing the exposure to and unwanted spread of staph and other infection," Mrs. Campbell further explained. The unique design of the Swabbies applicator will allow caregivers to administer the all-natural supreme diaper cream safely and with ease using only a single hand allowing the other to securely hold the child, or patient. Furthermore, the used applicator can then be disposed of properly, with minimum waste of the cream, while reducing the potential spread of harmful infections.

On July 23, 2018 the mompreneur company based in Dunellon Florida released their past public relations firm. They decided to move their public relations in house for a more personal touch and to communicate more effectively with their shareholders and customers. Carman Campbell stated they wanted to give their company a more personal touch, so they have built an in-house team to handle all inquiries about the product, and the company's business activities. The new team consist of persons handpicked by Campbell whom will fully embrace Campbell's vision of how to treat their customers. "I feel this will be a big boost to the Swabbies brand and its product line and building an in-house team will give us a more hands-on approach. It is also more cost-efficient so that we may utilize the saved funds for the expansion notoriety and popularity of the brand. This will be extended to our retailers," explains Swabbies CEO and inventor Carman Campbell. "I am confident of the company's ability to expand the presence both in the US and globally by utilizing this new approach."

Carman and Swabbies were interviewed on Mommy Talk Live hosted by Christy McGlothlin from Wendell, NC you can watch here at this link:

About Swabbies Technologies, Inc.:

Carman Campbell, inventor of Swabbies, is a momprenuer whom found that necessity is truly the mother of invention. Wanting to have a free hand and a clean hand when applying the diaper rash cream and changing her squirmy baby's diapers was the first inspiration behind her invention. Swabbies is a patented single hand, single use applicator with a specialized cream made from organic ingredients that is manufactured and assembled in the United States. Swabbies Technologies mission is to make products that are easier and safer for busy parents, their babies, and caregivers to use.

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