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Student EduCare presents Smart Talk at National Principal's Conference

CHICAGO, July 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Principal's Conference in Chicago gathered thousands of education leaders, principals, and companies to exchange their thoughts on the state of the education industry. The conference serves as the premier venue for K12 education leaders to learn more through informative talks and networking.

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One of the conference highlights was a Smart Talk by Student EduCare Founder Gin Zhang titled Disruptive Innovation in International Education: The EduCare Solution that took place on July 11. Student EduCare is an education technology company that manages a mobile app called EduCare which improves communication among international students' parents, teachers and host families. The presentation discussed many important topics in international education including: Market insights on the international student market, international students' parent's feelings on their children studying abroad, the pros and cons of studying abroad and how EduCare can benefit schools and parents.

The presentation featured some notable insights on what EduCare can offer and how it can help schools. Ms. Zhang talked about the mobile app's innovative features including instant bilingual AI translation, appointment setting, 24 hr emergency message, electronic authorization, school news updates, online seminars and a growing function. There is a market demand for EduCare's services as schools and parents have a strong desire for more effective communication. Furthermore, schools that include EduCare would get exclusive branding among the international education market as there would be the opportunity to directly outreach to prospective parents. This innovative model of conducting outreach provides many benefits as schools are limited in their recruiting methods.

Ms. Zhang concluded that EduCare is the disruptive innovator that will fill the space in the international education industry and address the current communication deficit among teachers and parents. To date, Student EduCare has successfully covered more than 500 schools and is expected to reach out to over 1,600 schools before summer 2019 and expand their operations to Canada. EduCare's future success is experiencing a headwind of momentum as it seeks to be the premier communication platform for parents of K12 international students, teachers and host families.

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