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CBD Naturals® to Launch Brand-New N2O™ Brand at International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver

CARLSBAD, Calif., June 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Helping to enhance focus and brain power, CBD Naturals® will launch its new brand N2O, at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver on June 25. N2O is a lifestyle brand specializing in products that contain natural nootropic ingredients, which can help boost the mind and hydrate the body.

Exhibiting at booth 16, CBD Naturals® will launch a refreshing Nootropic Beverage and Nootropic Oral Spray as part of the N2O brand; both are infused with phytocannabinoids, plus a proprietary NuroActive ingredient blend created to foster a centered and focused mind.

"As innovators ourselves, we understand what it means to always be pushing boundaries and setting new bars. We wanted to develop products that taste great and enhance mental capacity to support anyone pursuing their innovative inner drive," said Jared Berry, founder and CEO of CBD Naturals® and former founder of Isodiol, now known as Isodiol International Inc.

The N2O products feature EndoActives, a colloidal cannabinoid complex formulated to bolster mental agility and focus. They also include Cognizin®, a clinically tested natural nootropic for enhanced cognitive support as well as a nitric oxide boosting ingredient blend recognized for its role in increasing deliverability.

In addition to exhibiting and launching this new lifestyle brand and other hot-off-the-shelf products, CBD Naturals® is also sponsoring the After Party at the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), an event founded in 2014 to bring culture, activism and community to the cannabis industry. CBD Naturals® will showcase its broad line of CBD and terpene infused beverages, concentrates, dietary supplements, skincare and more.

About CBD Naturals®
Launched in 2011 by industry trailblazer Jared Berry, CBD Naturals® has logged an impressive list of industry firsts, including becoming the first CBD brand to ever be filed with the USPTO for trademark. Prior to filing for this intellectual property, a "CBD marketplace" didn't exist, marking Berry and his team of scientists the original trailblazers of the space. CBD Naturals® continues to pioneer scientific advancements in uncovering the full wellness potential of the cannabis plant. Using proprietary technology and industry leadership, they aim to bring the nutritional benefits of this plant to those interested in living a healthier life. For more information, please visit

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