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Humantelligence announces launch of "Team Culture" Analytics and TalentFit for Recruiting modules at HR Technology Conference
This SaaS HR platform now leverages A.I. to hire for culture-fit with teams and for predictive performance, based on current ability to measure Team & Corporate Culture

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Humantelligence ( ), the leading cloud-based recruiting and culture analytics platform announced today at the 20th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition the launch of the TalentFit with "Team Culture" Analytics enabling companies of all sizes to measure culture at the team, division and overall corporate culture level to hire for team culture fit and predictive performance.

Humantelligence has extended the TalentFit for Recruiting product to include Team Culture analytics, which leverages A.I. and cognitive science with the most advanced 12-min self-assessment tool ( no, not your grandfather's assessment ™ ! ) to measure at 90% accuracy, the culture at the team level, department and overall corporate level. Companies can now match candidates quicker and for fit with the hiring manager's team culture which leads to better predictive performance and lower turnover. With Humantelligence companies can:

  • Streamline 80% of the interview process – basically eliminating phone screens and video interviews, and getting you straight to the final candidates.
  • Select candidates for better fit with the hiring manager's team culture which leads to better predictive performance and lower turnover.
  • Select new hires faster, getting better insights, better results, better engagement, better retention, and deliver long-term value to your organization!
  • Free Leadership Tips on how to communicate, lead, and motivate every team member/individual.

"Our TalentFit product release with 'Team Culture' Analytics built-in delivers significant tangible benefits to clients with a break-through, first-ever culture analytics platform based on Artificial Intelligence to help organizations align and establish a high-performing culture, improve employee engagement, reduce turnover, and achieve optimal team performance," said Juan Luis Betancourt, CEO of Humantelligence.

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Humantelligence is a sponsor at HR Technology Conference and is exhibiting at booth #4039 at the Expo at HR Tech, showcasing the Humantelligence solutions. Customers will be able to complete a Self-Assessment and sign up for a FREE Team Culture Report.

About Humantelligence

Humantelligence is the leading cloud-based recruiting and culture analytics platform that leverages break-through Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and people analytics to measure team culture and to help companies hire for culture fit and predictive performance. With Humantelligence companies can streamline the recruiting process, significantly improve employee engagement, and reduce turnover. Humantelligence is headquartered in Miami, FL, with offices around the world and tens of thousands of users. To learn more about Humantelligence visit, follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@humantelligence) and LinkedIn.


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