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Tencent CCM discussed A.I. at MIT IDE Platform Strategy Summit
A.I. seems far away from our life, but the fact is it has been ubiquitous. How will it influence the world in the future?

BOSTON, July 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- MIT Platform Strategy Summit launched in Boston, on July 14th. Corporate giants like Intel, Google, KPMG, SAP, IBM and academic authorities gathered, discussing the status quo of A.I. and its trends.

Tencent CCM was invited as a leading Chinese enterprise service provider and the only Asian enterprise to present at the summit. Tecent CCM is the B2B enterprise of Tecent, devoted to provide services from IAAS, PAAS to SAAS with Tecent Cloud. CCM stands for Customer Communication Management, which is the service model of Tencent CCM. At the MIT conference, Tencent has been listed as a Top 7 Supermajor Platform.

Last month, MIT Technology Review picked "50 Smartest Companies" that best combine innovative technology with an effective business model. Tencent rank 8 on the list.

The vice president of marketing, Tencent CCM, Xangyu Wang, shared his opinion on utilization of A.I. and added, "As a technology-driven social enterprise, we understand the value of science and technology is to help people make things happen."

Panel: AI and Machine Learning in Platforms

As a cutting-edge technology, A.I. has developed dramatically in recent years. According to consultant company Venture Scanner, the number of A.I. companies has surpassed 1,000, crossing 13 sub-categories by the second half of 2016. The scale of venture has increased 12 times within 5 years.

In China, A.I. has brought incredible changes to industries. China-based innovators have applied for 15,745 A.I. invention patents, ranging from medicine, education, retail and security industries. As a representative for Chinese technology companies, Tencent will lead the A.I. technology research and development and appliance.

Tencent has built A.I. Lab which consists of dozens of scientists and 50 A.I. doctors, and focuses on subjects such as machine learning, computer vision, voice recognition, and natural language processing.

Tencent CCM discussed the utilization and prospect of A.I. with IBM and KPMG, and discovered new methods for A.I.-driven service providers with global tech giants.

Based on technology and talent pool, Tencent CCM has advantages on enterprise services. Mr. Wang said, Tencent CCM is applying vision recognition, which is based on deep learning, for the cooperation between financial institutions.

In this case, A.I. provides an important basis for consumer identity authentication, and sends feedback to the enterprises. Mr. Wang added, by applying A.I. to the enterprise service field not only helps large enterprises reduce cost and enhance revenue, but helps middle and small business to run efficiently and grow up rapidly.

As A.I. is an emerging technology, data security is likely to be a great challenge for Tencent to provide A.I. services, but Tencent is confident.

With more than 10 years of experience, Tencent has accumulated over 100T of secure big data, and has created the Tencent Cloud, exploiting technology advantages by both protecting and preventing enterprises from data risks.

Mr. Wang said, A.I.'s business value is to help enterprises enhance market capabilities, creating value and well-being. To explain this, he shared a remarkable story of Tencent leveraging A.I. to reunite a family member after 30 years.

There have been multiple reports recently which claim that a major part of the human workforce will be replaced by automation and machines in the years to come. With excessive research and development being conducted in the field of artificial intelligence, many fear that a major job crisis will unfold since multiple jobs are more accurately and efficiently performed with the utilization of machines.

A.I. will bring a technology revolution and therefore change the cooperation mode. Tencent CCM has proven through practices that: The goal of A.I. is to save more time for human, so as to encourage employers to devote more time to human-oriented service. When asked whether machines outperform human, Mr. Wang said, "We don't worry that A.I. has a human thinking pattern, instead, we are concerned that humans lose value and empathy. More A.I., More Caring; Better service, Better Sales." In the future, A.I. will appear in the field of enterprise services more frequently, which is worth looking forward to.

About Tencent CCM

Tencent CCM is based on social IM such as QQ and WeChat.

  • It can make use of full integration of Internet communication resources and capabilities, enhance the multi-channel touch of customers to maximize capacity, expand revenue.
  • For enterprises to provide accurate marketing, office coordination, customer service capacity, and comprehensively reduce operating costs.
  • It also can help enterprises to hold customers in the private customer base, fully control the risk of the flow of platforms or staff turnover.

Tencent CCM and Tencent Cloud together form a comprehensive service from IAAS, PAAS and SAAS.

About MIT

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