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Waggl and Denison Consulting partner to drive enterprise culture transformation
Groundbreaking solutions will help build stronger, more competitive organizations across a host of industries

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. and ANN ARBOR, Mich., April 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Waggl, the simple way to crowdsource insight from groups of people, and Denison Consulting, focused on culture and leadership development, today announced that they will partner to drive culture transformation by combining Waggl's real-time listening platform with Denison's methodology. The companies will offer a preview of their combined solution, tailored for specific vertical industries, at the SIOP conference held in Anaheim California on April 14, 2016.

Denison and Waggl partner to accelerate the pace of business culture transformation.

Waggl's innovative real-time listening platform and Denison's performance-based solutions have been integrated to enable CEOs and CHROs to access real-time feedback from the people who know the business best – their employees. This new integrated approach is purpose-built to improve performance and build stronger, more competitive organizations. In the next phase of partnership, Waggl and Denison will address the needs of specific industries such as health care, private equity, manufacturing, and technology.

"Smart organizations understand that driving culture is a dynamic and continuous process," said Michael Papay, CEO, Waggl.  "In addition to the periodic survey, you need to continually keep your finger on the pulse and gather quick and real time feedback from your organization on a variety of issues as they arise. But without direction, this can lead to a lot of data with little long term impact or understanding around what to do differently. The real value comes from harnessing the power of real-time and more frequent data within an action-oriented methodology that is grounded in what is going to matter most for your organization. By working in partnership with Denison, we will both be able to truly transform culture from the ground up."

Waggl's real-time feedback technology is typically used within organizations to collect and distill anonymous, real-time feedback from employees.  The platform provides a variety of templates for users to cultivate feedback, in only a few clicks. Results are available immediately to administrators and participants in the form of easily digestible infographics. Unlike traditional survey and polling platforms, Waggl creates a virtual dialogue with participants by asking open-ended questions where favorite responses can be 'voted up.' It's fast and easy to share through multiple channels, and adds a fun, gamified aspect to the process of collecting feedback.

Together, Waggl and Denison offer the unique combination of comprehensive enterprise assessment and continuous employee input. Working in combination with one another, Waggl's platform will be used to provide a live holistic picture, which will feed Denison's action planning process by helping to set a baseline and focus attention on the things that matter most. This approach will provide organizations with an accurate real time view of the "burning embers" that make or break a business, coupled with a clear focus on strategic change.

"Clockspeed for culture transformation isn't only tracked in nanoseconds – it takes staying power, and a clear focus on the dynamics of the system to drive enterprise-level change, "said Dan Denison, Founder and Chairman of Denison Consulting.  "But continuous feedback in an open forum creates connection, collaboration, and alignment across the organization, facilitating forward momentum and growth.   By strategically linking Waggl's innovative approach, which provides continual input from employee voices in a highly organized and easily communicated manner, with the proven metrics and enterprise focus of the Denison team, we can offer superior solutions that will accelerate the pace of change in companies today."

To preview Waggl and Denison's combined solution for clients at the SIOP conference at the Anaheim California on April 14, 2016, please visit at booth #414 or visit:

About Waggl
Waggl is a simple way to surface and distill real-time actionable feedback.  Named after the dance that bees do in a hive to transmit important information very quickly, Waggl lives at the intersection of two organizational realities:  Companies want an engaged workforce and employees want to know that their opinions count.  Waggl goes beyond the traditional survey by offering an extremely easy way to listen to many voices at once within an organization for the purpose of making it better. Waggl's real-time listening platform creates a transparent, authentic two-way dialogue that gives people a voice, distills insights, and unites organizations through purpose. With a highly seasoned management team and a Board including esteemed executives from Glassdoor, Success Factors, PDI Ninth House and Coupa, Waggl is an innovative industry leader helping companies of all sizes to succeed by building a listening culture.   For more information, please visit:

About Denison Consulting, LLC
Denison Consulting provides research‐based solutions and consulting support to build high performance business cultures. Leveraging our widely‐used diagnostics, Denison improves the performance of leaders, teams and organizations by improving their corporate culture and leadership. Based on over two decades of research linking organizational culture and leadership to business outcomes, Denison's proprietary Model measures the essential traits of all organizations and creates the foundation for our solutions. With offices in the United States and Switzerland, we mobilize a global network of senior consultants and world‐class technology to deliver our clients meaningful results. Denison Consulting was founded by Dr. Daniel Denison and William S. Neale M.A., M.L.I.R. in 1998 and is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan: For more information, please visit:

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