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DAVID Corporation Announces New Winning RMIS Technology - NAVRISK VISION

SAN FRANCISCO, March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- DAVID Corporation, Inc., a San Francisco-based insurance technology firm, is pleased to announce NAVRISK VISION, the industry's first risk performance optimization RMIS program.

The cloud-based NAVRISK VISION combines key performance indicator goals, scoring algorithms, dashboards, reporting and analysis into one platform for claims, risk and policy administration. Users implement the program to achieve strategic high value outcomes including claim expense cost reductions, staff productivity improvements, risk management improvements and better compliance with best practices.

NAVRISK VISION creates a smart process application by linking transaction processing with analytics using a powerful infrastructure built around serving the needs of executives, managers and users. Users can increase their productivity as they leverage their time, data and resources on the KPI topics that fit their strategic goals.

"This revolutionary new product is the most feature rich technology available and is easy to use," Mark Dorn, DAVID Corporation President and CEO, said. "The product is designed to provide clear and simple to understand information visualizations to assist both day-to-day operations and critical business decisions. By combining subject matter expertise (SME) with key operating data, users can leverage functionality in reporting, dashboard analysis and executive assessment. Instead of just a report, users get NAVRISK VISION insight summaries based on predefined compliance standards, threshold evaluation criteria and benchmarking."  

"We've created the newest highest standard in risk management software with the launch of NAVRISK VISION, and I can say that because I created the very first RMIS systems on PCs in 1982. I am confident in saying that this 2016 program offers a similar level strategic game changing capability for Risk Managers," Dorn added.

The tightly integrated solutions and best compliance practice with automated data interfaces includes a smart portal, according to Michael Hamann, Vice President of Development.

"The product platform supports broad collaboration from all the participants and stakeholders in the risk process. Unlike our competitors whose software platforms were built five to seven years ago, our secure, Microsoft-based product can be self-hosted by a client or hosted by DAVID Corporation with our hosting partners, SOFTLAYER and RACKSPACE," Hamann noted.

NAVRISK is part of a new powerful risk, claims and policy data integration strategy. NAVRISK allows clients the best options for integration, interfaces and automated process to service compliance in areas like MMR and EDI.    

NAVRISK VISION is available now and will be formally introduced at the upcoming RMIS Conference in San Diego on April 11th through April 13th.

About DAVID Corporation

DAVID Corporation has a 31-year history as one of the premier technology companies servicing the risk, claims and insurance markets. The company has one of the longest-serving uninterrupted independent commitments to clients in the industry. DAVID Corporation provides proven products, comprehensive technology and best practices that help clients reduce their total cost of risk as well as solve challenges in claims administration, underwriting, rating, policy management and reporting.


NAVRISK VISION integrates claims, policy, underwriting, rating, risk management and reporting into one comprehensive solution. With its comprehensive set of software programs for risk, claims and policy administration, NAVRISK VISION can be licensed or hosted as cloud application on the web. NAVRISK VISION helps clients reduce their claim costs, respond to regulatory compliance needs and achieve significant operational savings through automated workflow and the use of a sophisticated business rules engine. Clients license NAVRISK VISION to manage total cost of risk on an enterprise basis. NAVRISK VISION covers many lines of business including Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Property, AL, E&O, D&O, MPL and others.

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