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Patent Secured; Geological Agriculture Products Hit the Market

WASHINGTON, Feb. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- After twenty years of research, the patent for Geological Agriculture has been issued.  On September 1, 2015 the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded inventor Richard Campbell the design patent 9,119,351 on geological agriculture, the study of using rocks to grow and sustain plants and crops absent the use of any soil and fertilizers ever.  Being a low to no cost alternative, the awarding of the patent represents a significant step forward for the science and in achieving global food security. 

Tulips, tomatoes, iris and squash grown in gravel,

Geological agriculture allows consumers, schools, farmers, survivalists and researchers to grow and sustain plants with the use of sedimentary gravel and sand instead of soil and fertilizers while maintaining the nutritional integrity of the food. This technological design shares the configuration to grow nutritious produce in areas laden with droughts, have poor soil quality, poor irrigation methods and faced with high fertilizing costs.  Some say that geological agriculture is a step towards eradicating food deserts around the world and possibly enabling plant life on Mars and elsewhere.

To Soil Less™ will unveil its debut geological agriculture products at this year's Home and Garden Show Expo in Dulles, VA February 26-28, 2016.  Key products include the do it yourself home, classroom or office windowsill, sampler, The Gravel Grow Cup.  At the expo people will be able to buy the Gravel Grow Cup and select from 20 seed types to plant, including alfalfa sprouts, peas shoot, broccoli sprouts, beans, peas, corn, squash, cucumbers, iris bulbs, marigolds, zinnias, scallions, dill, cilantro and more.  Assemble, seed, add water only and watch the growth within days.  When it is time to harvest, start over and reuse for decades. 

The second key product is the knowledge of the science itself of what is known so far.  The 2016 edition of Grown in Gravel: The Study of Geological Agriculture on paperback, by Richard Campbell contain over 200 pages of observations, testing and academic contributions to show people how to grow with gravel. The book is available via paperback from  Gardening enthusiasts can also download the 2016 Edition at   Find gravel gardening supplies and the best type of river pea gravel at most Ace Hardware stores in the Washington, DC area.  The book explains the rest.

About To Soil Less™ - A Washington, DC family owned business created in 2011 for the purpose of sharing the gravel gardening methods with communities interested in sustainable agriculture.  Gravel gardens reduce the need for fertilizers, soil, weeding products, water and costs in the gardening process.   At, gardeners can download the 2016 manual and learn how to adapt gravel gardening methods in their homes and community gardens.  View a variety of crops growing in gravel on Twitter at and on Facebook @tosoilless.  You will see cucumbers, onions, spinach, marigolds, and more.  To Soil Less invites all academics, developers and researchers to explore the benefits of geological agriculture.

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