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SECDO Introduces Platform for MSSPs, Allowing SOC Teams to Scale Operations and Accelerate Incident Response
SECDO for MSSPs powers Advanced Threat Protection and Incident Response Services, while increasing the efficiency of the SOC

TEL AVIV, Israel, February 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

SECDO, an innovative provider of next-generation alert validation, investigation and response solutions, announced today general availability of the SECDO Platform for MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers), powering 24/7 in-depth cyber security threat detection and response services for organizations of all sizes.

SECDO's MSSP offering provides advanced alert validation, investigation and remediation capabilities. The platform dramatically improves the efficiency of the Security Operations Center (SOC) by automatically validating alerts from the SIEM using unique thread-level endpoint activity data to identify false positives and prioritize true positives. With SECDO, MSSPs can handle the thousands of alerts that they receive each day, while meeting ever-more competitive SLAs for their customers.  

SECDO's interactive data visualization technology enables SOC analysts to understand the "who, what, where, when, and how" of every incident by showing the entire attack chain timeline back to the root cause, and enabling first and second tier analysts to easily investigate and respond to threats without having to escalate to a higher tier. When an in-depth investigation is required, SECDO provides multi-dimensional, interactive search capabilities that can reduce hundreds of manual queries into a single visual search.

SECDO's Platform for MSSPs uses the company's disruptive thread-level endpoint intelligence and causality analysis technologies to give service providers unprecedented visibility into their customer's environment. With SECDO, MSSPs can now offer the advanced threat protection, incident investigation and forensics services that are necessary to stay ahead in the security marketplace. The platform has been in use for three months, with customers reporting positive results.

"Our IT and SOC teams face tens of thousands of alerts on a daily basis," said Sergio Heker, CEO of GleSec. "The ability to investigate alerts and suspicious activity and respond much faster is a necessity for every organization, in particular for a service provider like GleSec. SECDO enables us to launch new advanced services for our customers and to respond to their needs faster than ever."

"SECDO is a valuable platform for MSSPs who want to offer their customers advanced services while improving the efficiency and response times of their own SOC," said Shai Morag, CEO and Co-Founder of SECDO.  "With SECDO's endpoint analytics, MSSP SOC teams can now understand the full context of every alert, visually investigate, and reduce the time and resources needed to identify and eradicate a breach."  

About SECDO 

SECDO is a groundbreaking provider of Security Investigation and Response solutions. The SECDO platform combines alert validation, interactive visual investigation and automated remediation to transform the way security operations centers work.  Security Operations teams are overwhelmed by alerts but at the same time, do not have the data and intelligence to investigate and remediate efficiently. Using patented technology, SECDO automatically validates alerts to weed out false positives. For suspicious activity, SECDO visualizes the attack chain timeline and provides deep visibility into all endpoint activity so analysts immediately understand the "who, what, where, when and how" behind the incident. Then, based on an analysis of exactly how endpoints were compromised, SECDO surgically remediates the incident with minimum user impact. More information is available at

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