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Everyone Knows The Work Isn't Over When The Whistle Blows! Sports Nutrition Powerhouse Liz Gaspari, Teams Up with Soccer Legend Ronaldinho to Launch Athletic Elite 10

PALM BEACH, Fla., Feb. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Supplement industry icon, and monster brand builder Liz Gaspari teams up with Brazilian soccer legend and FIFA World Player of the Year, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, better known to the world as Ronaldinho, to announce the launch of Gaspari's new high performance nutrition supplement line, Athletic Elite 10. Athletic Elite 10 will encompass everything an athlete needs to perform at their highest level on and off the field premiering with its outstanding protein powder GoProWhey™ containing Liz Gaspari's amazing flavor system developed to stand up against the top performing sports supplement brands in the world.  GoProWhey™ promotes building lean muscle, recovery and overall optimal health and wellness. Some of Athletic Elite 10's additional product line will include:

  • XANQUIL™, a sleep aid formula
  • PYROHEPTANE™, a weight loss formula
  • HYDROLA6™ for regulating water balance
  • ELITE FULVIC TRACE MINERALS a concentrated nutrient supercharger that increases vitamin absorption
  • PRE-GAME a pre-workout and "post-game" Intra-workout formula


Athletic Elite 10 to Debut at 2016 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH

"The work isn't over when the whistle blows! @AthleticElite10"

"This is a really exciting time for me. I'm feeling remarkably blessed yet again to be part of an amazing supplement revolution. There has been more education out in the market about supplementation benefits that everyday people are now consumers not just Professional level bodybuilders. With the proper guidance, supplementation helps everyday people strive to reach optimal health goals & nutrition along with the perks of looking and feeling great. Athletic Elite 10 is backed by the brightest talent within the sports nutrition industry. We are excited to kick of the brand with one of many of our Partners here in USA. GoProWhey™ and Athletic Elite 10's entire line is immediately available today on and already circulating in the Canadian Market with Key Retailers through Karma Distributors In Canada," says Gaspari. 

Athletic Elite 10 executives will be at the 2016 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio March 3-6, 2016 closing distribution deals worldwide.  "I am super pumped beyond belief to reveal GoProWhey™ to the world," said Gaspari.

All of Athletic Elite 10 products are manufactured in the USA in state-of-the art facilities where highly skilled laboratory scientists and formulators conduct in depth research & development, quality control testing, and product analysis to ensure that consumers receive the finest quality products. 

The Athletic Elite 10 line can be found exclusively at and soon at your local retailer.  

For more information, distribution and media contact, 917-860-0977 or visit their website at 

About Liz Gaspari:
Liz Gaspari former Vice President of Gaspari Nutrition has been entrenched in the nutritional supplement industry for over fifteen years and her success has made her into one of the most influential and powerful people in the sports nutrition industry worldwide. In addition to running her day-to-day business operations. She is also a dedicated and loving mother and philanthropist. With Athletic Elite 10 she plans to donate to several foundations, one being founded by her dear friend Denise Rich-Gabrielle's Angel Foundation, Vitamin Angels, Wounded Warriors and many more.  

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