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"ColorPower in the Digital Pressroom" to be released by CCN Software Group at Dscoop 2016

DALLAS, Feb. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Dallas based CCN Software Group, LLC ( is announcing that its new color management software product, ColorPower in the Digital Pressroom, will be placed in general release at the HP users' annual conference Dscoop 2016 to be held in San Antonio, Texas this April 14-16 (booth #655).

The company has been very pleased with the reception it has received from its pre-release users and is currently searching the Dallas area for additional pre-release users especially in the Indigo, wide and grand format users market. The software has been in controlled use in the Dallas area since September of 2015.

Don Ashe, partner and color scientist at CCN said, "It's exciting working with our pre-release users and hearing them express how ColorPower is effectively and efficiently serving an aspect of print production where traditional color management products had simply not given them a viable solution."

Don continues, "At CCN we recognized the dilemma as early as six years ago when we connected with key players of the major OEM of high speed web fed ink jet presses at trade shows and conferences.  The OEM leaders exclaimed…'at the start of a job on-press when the color is not acceptable to the print buyer (or a proxy), our customers must have sophisticated color management tools (not just 4 cmyk tone curves) to fix the problem effectively and fast so the run may continue.' The OEM added that in that same vein (while on-press, effectively and fast) also needed are capabilities to a.) modify the UCR/GCR effect for Ink Saving and printing mechanics and b.) repair print show-through when it occurs."

Don concluded, "I thought, Wow that's a tall order. But I also thought, if anybody can do it, we can."

At Dscoop, CCN will show that their ColorPower in the Digital Pressroom will fully deliver on the above requisition thereby making a significant contribution to the standing promise of digital printing which is high productivity, quick turnaround and high quality.


SOURCE CCN Software Group, LLC