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SC-integrity, Inc. (LoJack SCI) Announces Service to Defeat Fictitious Pick-up Threats in the Supply Chain

RICHARDSON, Texas, Feb. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- LoJack SCI, the leading provider of supply chain visibility, integrity, and monitoring solutions, announces a new platform product that acquires and stores comprehensive information in real-time at the critical point of shipment for end-to-end visibility of cargo movements and deterrence of criminal activity.  SafeLaunch arms mobile devices with unique image and data capture capabilities for each dock door shipment.  Confidence in the end-to-end integrity of your supply chain shipments starts from the origin.  LoJack SCI's SafeLaunch™ streamlines the capture of unique, customizable information to deter fictitious pick-ups, assure secure shipments, and enable consistent adherence to procedures.

LoJack SCI.

SafeLaunch™ is a premium mobile portal for gathering shipment information at the origin and streamlining the shipping experience.  The portal simplifies the capturing of driver and truck / tractor / trailer details (such as asset id numbers, license numbers, and plate numbers) with the ability to take photos of the driver, truck, tractor, trailer, and load.  All data elements are attached to the specific shipment in LoJack SCI's SC iOn Command portal.  Once entered, the data can be accessed at any time, in the present or for future needs.

In addition, the driver agrees to stay within the bounds of specific rules established by the shipper to ensure optimal supply chain integrity.

"We are pleased to announce the SafeLaunch™ product that expands the risk protection envelope directly to the origin.  When coupled with a comprehensive set of risk reducing practices while shipments are in transit and 24/7/365 monitoring, the threat of loss due to criminal or inefficient cargo movements is greatly reduced or even eliminated," said Ted Wlazlowski, President and CEO of LoJack SCI.

LoJack SCI will be unveiling this unique integrated solution during the Retail Supply Chain Conference 2016 (hosted by the Retail Industry Leaders Association – RILA) in Grapevine, TX, February 28, 2016March 2, 2016.  The retail sector is especially targeted for the nefarious fictitious pick-up scheme.

About LoJack SCI

SC-integrity, Inc. (LoJack Supply Chain Integrity or LoJack SCI) provides integrated solutions for supply chain protection that includes shared supply chain intelligence and analytics, covert cargo tracking, monitoring, and recovery services.  The LoJack SCI solutions feature proactive alert based security and increased visibility across all modes of transportation with clear chain of custody management utilizing active sensing of the cargo's environment while in transit.  For information on how to get started with SafeLaunch™ and SC iOnTM Command portal, contact our sales and marketing team at or call (214) 612-7000.

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