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DICOM Grid Earns KLAS Ranking as #1 Medical Image Exchange Vendor for Second Year in a Row
Leading Healthcare and Imaging Centers Leave lifeIMAGE for DICOM Grid and Next Generation Cloud Medical Image Management

NEW YORK, Feb. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- DICOM Grid, makers of the leading cloud-based, medical image management suite, today announced its recognition by KLAS as the definitive 2015/2016 KLAS Category Leader for Image Exchange. The company also announced the addition of Lahey Hospital & Medical Center and Jefferson Radiology as customers, making them the latest organizations to switch from lifeIMAGE to DICOM Grid to optimize medical image management across their networks. Common themes driving the new customer additions and KLAS ranking are the speed and reliability of DICOM Grid's medical image transfer, cost effectiveness, rapid product innovation and ease-of-use, which will be demonstrated at the upcoming HiMSS Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas at booth #11338. Visit to learn more.

KLAS Research is a global healthcare research firm that acts as a trusted voice in the healthcare community. It recently released its annual 2015/2016 Best in KLAS: Software and Services Report, which ranked DICOM Grid as the top medical image exchange vendor. KLAS scores were determined exclusively on customer feedback over the course of a 12-month audit period. Category Leader rankings mark those vendors who best keep their promises in their market segments for offering a combination of superior products, strong service, and high customer value. DICOM Grid customers praised the easy implementation of the company's flagship product suite, rapid product innovation, and its highly responsive support team.

Select customer comments about DICOM Grid from the KLAS website include:

"DICOM Grid is hands down the best option available for image sharing. No other company provides the flexible options of a cloud archive, a personal health record, second-opinion services, HIPAA compliance, automated exam-routing capabilities, or the ability to share images across platforms or upload CDs like DICOM Grid does. The difference between DICOM Grid and the competition becomes even more pronounced when cost is considered." – Physician, April 2015(i)

"Getting DICOM Grid was one of those rare times when everything good we heard about the product before we got it turned out to be true. It was easy to set up; that didn't take long at all. It is easy to learn how to use because of how simple and clear everything in the program is." – Director, May 2015(i)

DICOM Grid has developed an extensive workflow engine that enables the efficient and expedient routing and sharing of medical images and related data. This flexibility enables large multi-hospital institutions, as well as imaging center networks to easily access and share medical images with physicians and patients anytime, anywhere.  These are critical capabilities in today's value-based, risk sharing healthcare environment as hospitals and ambulatory practices develop networks to compete and provide care more effectively in a post-Affordable Care Act world.

As a result of DICOM Grid's excellence in image exchange capabilities, leading healthcare and imaging centers are choosing to use DICOM Grid over competitors. The latest organizations to join DICOM Grid's growing roster are Lahey Hospital & Medical Center and Jefferson Radiology.

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, a teaching hospital and center of excellence centered in northeastern Massachusetts, recently switched from lifeIMAGE to DICOM Grid and reports zero CD upload failures with DICOM Grid over a test period of more than 12 months. Lahey no longer has to burn CD back-ups for patient transfers or store duplicate studies in their PACS, which results in about 60 minutes saved per imaging study and significant cost-savings. Today, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center has over 2,500 internal users of DICOM Grid across 4 locations, with another 100+ external senders and over 7 sites with PACS gateways powered by DICOM Grid, including international centers in Bermuda and Jordan. Lahey reports seeing a roughly 75% improvement in study upload times with DICOM Grid compared to lifeIMAGE across its large network of users, which can have an immeasurable impact on patient care, especially for trauma units when speed is a critical factor.

"We are able to read outside and international imaging studies quicker and report results to patients faster thanks to DICOM Grid, which helps drive better care delivery across the subspecialties in our department, said Dr. Christoph Wald, Chair of Radiology at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. "DICOM Grid has provided outstanding support during the implementation process at Lahey and has shown they can rapidly innovate the product to make it the best it can be for us."

Jefferson Radiology, a private radiology practice in Connecticut, also recently switched from lifeIMAGE to DICOM Grid in pursuit of a more user-friendly suite to support their goal of becoming a regional leader. Jefferson Radiology chose to make the move to DICOM Grid after a thorough RFP process that included requirements aimed at eliminating all CDs related to medical imaging, a rather audacious goal that challenges today's status quo. Since rolling out DICOM Grid across 4 locations, Jefferson Radiology have found it to be at least 30% more cost-effective compared to lifeIMAGE, thanks to workflow and cloud architecture more suited to a radiology practice.

"DICOM Grid has been very easy to implement and we're looking forward to leveraging the suite to image-enable our patient portal, integrate with our RIS and develop a patient-aware network as we strive to be more collaborative in patient care", said Michael Quinn, Chief Technology Officer of Jefferson Radiology.

About DICOM Grid
DICOM Grid is a healthcare SaaS company dedicated to making digital medical image management accessible to all, from anywhere. Our powerful cloud-based suite streamlines the medical image exchange process and connects patients, care providers, and facilities worldwide. We work with some of the largest hospital systems such as the Mayo Clinic, Stanford Children's Health, Weill Cornell Medicine and Memorial Hermann as well as private practices, imaging centers, clinical research organizations, and health information exchanges. Discover what the power of the cloud can do for your healthcare enterprise at  

About KLAS
KLAS is a research firm on a global mission to improve healthcare delivery by enabling providers to be heard and counted. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians, KLAS gathers data on software, services, medical equipment, and infrastructure systems to deliver timely reports, trends, and statistical overviews. Follow KLAS on Twitter at

"2015/2016 Best in KLAS: Software & Services," January 2016. © 2016 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

(i) Selected Commentary Collected about DICOM Grid DG Suite by KLAS in April, May 2015 respectively.

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