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Introducing An Innovative New Series of Yachts At The Miami International Boat Show Miami, Florida
Claudia Potamkin and Captain Sandra Yawn to unveil a new series of Yachts powered by women

MIAMI, Feb. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On Feb, 13th, 2016, Miami, Florida in conjunction with UK Trade & Investment, Show management, Motiv8 Events and Brit week, Claudia Potamkin and Captain Sandra Yawn will be unveiling a new series of yachts at a gala event at the Sunset Harbor Yacht Club on Sunset Drive, Miami Beach during the Miami Boat Show. WOW Yachts will make its official debut! 

Introducing An Innovative New Series of Yachts At The Miami International Boat Show Miami, Florida

Sandra's has  27 years of experience as a mega yacht captain. She has logged thousands of miles navigating the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Oman, the Straits of Hormuz, and of course our Unites States. Claudia has been a yacht owner for over 30 years. As captain and owner, the two have combined their knowledge and experience to forge a bond between technological excellence, luxury features, ease of ownership and a built in philanthropic upside. Powered by Passion and Driven by Desire, the new brand will be offered in three sizes with several options in color and design.

"This 47 foot yacht, with a top speed of 40 knots and features the latest technology. With a simple push or twist of the joystick any person can easily operate this extraordinary vessel," says Captain Sandra Yawn. "With the purchase of our yachts we will offer one on one training and tutor you in the online boating safety course offered by your flag state."

For Potamkin, a woman on a mission who lives her life at full throttle both personally and professionally, all of which she embraces out on the water with every chance she gets—that's roughly the equivalent of first or second gear. A committed mother and philanthropist, Potamkin has enjoyed a rich and varied career and is striking out on the first business venture of her own. "While I worked as a radio sportscaster and gymnastics instructor throughout college and into my early years of marriage in the early 80's, raising my children and supporting my family's business and philanthropic endeavors allowed me only enough time to continue with some of it. Now my youngest of three is in his college freshman year, and I want to create something from scratch. I want to create a BUSINESS from scratch that gives people the ability to feel great about what they are doing for themselves AND what they are doing for others."

Buyers of the new luxury line WOW Yachts will have an immediate ability to bridge good science, good will and great fun with their purchase."

"A strong component of the brand focuses on ocean advocacy and research says," says Captain Yawn. "WOW Yachts and ownership will enable the yachts to become 'Vessels of Discovery' with International SeaKeepers Society. Founded by esteemed businesspeople, scientists and celebrities, The Seakeepers Society's mission is to promote oceanographic research, conservation and education. As 'Vessels of Discovery,' WOW yacht owners will have the opportunity to join with the nonprofit Sea keepers on various missions of their choosing and frequency and enjoy all of the benefits therein."

"Things always need funding; there are too many important initiatives to contribute to them all," says Potamkin. "A child starving today is more important than a fish that might be extinct in 100 years. But, in the biggest scheme, it's all critically important. I believe in the idea that you have to teach somebody to fish, not give them a fish. The sustainability is in education and awareness. Our mission statement is to 'Inspire, Educate and Evolve.'"

People love being out on the water. It's relaxing. it's reflective. It's adventurous and full on exhilarating, Potamkin does not try to mask her laugh when she adds, "Plus, these boats are just so darned sexy and sleek. People will ask when we drive by…."What was THAT?!" The response will be, "It's a WOW"!!  "The name, WOW is about empowering Women On Water," says Yawn. It's about the experience of being an integral part of this World of Wonder...The Ocean.

"It's about people who say something can't be done, impacting what's happening to our oceans, defying fear."

The dynamic duo chose Setzer Yacht Architects. With a fleet of more than seventy yachts on the water, Ward Setzer's portfolio boasts more than 7,500 linear feet of waterline, including award-winning collaborations with such important shipyards as Delta Marine, Northern Marine, Christensen, Richmond Yachts, McMullen & Wing, Lyman-Morse, Trinity Yachts, The Hinckley Company and NISI Yachts, and Now …WOW Yachts!

Led by industry veteran, Barin Cardenas, and his team of specialists, NewYachts Co-Founders creates the structure, branding and client-matching platform for innovative ideas in the yachting industry to flourish.         

World renowned Interior designer, James Kieran Pine has been commissioned by Potamkin & Yawn to design the Interiors of their new collection of extraordinary yachts.

Pine who Works as creative director for top real estate developers in New York, Miami and Europe brings an exceptional wealth of knowledge of our client and their expectations, with a very refined sense of style.

Our owners will be offered selections designed by Pine to coordinate from bow to stern.

Powered by passion, Driven by Desire…

Inspire, Educate, Evolve

On Saturday, February 13, from 8-11pm distinguished guests , celebrities and media will enjoy the mega launch event of WOW Yachts with entertainment by Willie Stewart and Friends Ambassadors of Music.

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