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ESILAB Launches New Software to Automatically Detect Redactions in eDiscovery Documents
Production Analyzer Quickly Finds All the Redactions in Even the Largest Document Productions

FRESH MEADOWS, N.Y., Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Today ESILAB, a part of the Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc. Group, announced the release of Production Analyzer, a ground-breaking software application that provides lawyers and litigation support professionals with the ability to quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively find each and every redaction in any image based eDiscovery production.

Currently, legal professionals have to manually review hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of pages in a production to find redacted content, a time-consuming, expensive and laborious process. Now with the Production Analyzer at last they have a tool that automates this process in a matter of hours, not weeks.

"Production Analyzer truly is a game-changer for legal professionals. To date, these individuals have not had access to a tool which allows them to search for redactions in a production," said Michael Will, Founder and Co-CEO of ESILAB. "Now they do. This will change how big-ticket litigation is run."

User-friendly, highly automated and scalable, Production Analyzer can be run against both inbound and outbound productions, and is able to identify a wide variety of redaction formats (including text based and unlabeled black box redactions). Parallel process technology quickly processes even the largest document productions.

Litigation professionals can leverage Production Analyzer results to identify redacted documents produced prior to receipt of applicable redaction / privilege logs as well as to test the veracity of such logs once received. Future enhancements will include redaction blackline functionality which will provide the ability to highlight deleted redactions in the event of a subsequently amended production, identification of inconsistent redaction decisions by parties represented by different legal counsel producing the same documents, as well as identification of inconsistent redaction decisions in near-duplicate documents.

Not only is Production Analyzer capable of operating on a standalone basis it can also interface with other systems thanks to its ability to export redaction analysis results in the form of an overlay file compatible with most major document review platforms. The software also comes with built-in quality control tools providing users with the capability to quickly identify and exclude false positives.

A breakthrough product for legal professionals, Production Analyzer adds a new layer of speed, security and accuracy to the manual process of reviewing image based productions for redacted instances. And, that's just the beginning of what this new product can do in terms of image search functionality.

ESILAB is demoing Production Analyzer at this year's LegalTech conference held on February 2-4 at The Hilton New York in Manhattan, booth #2411.

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