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With Largest International Presence At Singapore Airshow 2016, U.S. Showcases Commitment To Aerospace And Defense Partnerships, Investment In Southeast Asia
More than 140 exhibitors, nearly 30% of exhibit space, dedicated to U.S. equipment, products and services

SINGAPORE and WALDWICK, N.J., Feb. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- When the biennial Singapore Airshow 2016, Asia's most prominent aerospace and defense trade event, opens February 16 at the Changi Exhibition Centre, the United States of America will be the show's largest international exhibitor. With more than 140 exhibitors and nearly 30% of the show's total 40,000 sqm of indoor exhibit space, the size of the American contingent is a strong indicator of how important the region is to the U.S. aerospace and defense business, and how interested countries in the region are to work with U.S. companies to further their security and economic interests.

The U.S. presence at Singapore, featuring industry leading companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon, is organized by Kallman Worldwide, Inc., the designated U.S. Representative of the show, in coordination with numerous U.S. government agencies, including the Departments of Commerce and Defense, and the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA). For a complete list of U.S. companies at the Singapore Airshow 2016 visit the searchable online directory.

The centerpiece of the national effort, the 3,000 sqm (gross) U.S. International Pavilion, is a destination for buyers looking for an efficient way to meet a critical mass of U.S. suppliers, and an on-site business hub for U.S. exhibitors looking to maximize their exposure and impact at the event.

"When U.S. companies commit to exhibit at the Singapore Airshow, they're saying they believe in the power of this event to attract real business prospects and customers. The steady growth and diversification of the show speaks for itself," said Kallman Worldwide President and CEO, Tom Kallman. "As the organizer of the U.S International Pavilion at Singapore since 2008, our team is proud to help our exhibitors capitalize on this influential international business opportunity to grow their share of the marketplace, and strengthen our nation's trade and investment partnerships in the region."

Kallman noted the 2016 edition of the Singapore Airshow will be the first major industry event held in the region since the signing this past October of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade, investment and regulatory agreement among 12 Pacific Rim countries, including the United States. "TPP is certain to impact and influence discussions between U.S. industry leaders and their Asian counterparts at the show," he said.

In addition to organizing the national Pavilion, Kallman Worldwide is promoting U.S. exhibitors with its "Ask America First" advocacy campaign. The message will be placed prominently on site, integrated into hospitality and VIP events during the show, and promoted in social media (follow on Twitter @kallmanEWC).

"The United States is the world's biggest aerospace and defense supplier, but that's no guarantee that buyers will look to work with U.S. companies over others," said Kallman. "As the organizer of the U.S. presence at Singapore, we have a responsibility to advocate not only for our exhibitors, but for our nation in this highly competitive marketplace. We want every visitor to 'Ask America first' at Singapore, and to be assured that America is listening." 


The following exhibitors in the U.S. International Pavilion at the Singapore Airshow 2016 invite media to inquire about their new products and services:

Booth: R98b
Arista Aviation Launches Refurbished Black Hawk Product Line
"Like new" helicopter deliveries beginning in early 2016

Arista Aviation Services is making flight affordable. It has purchased UH-60A helicopters from the U.S. government, and is refurbishing them in its world-class MRO facility. Deliveries are planned throughout 2016 and beyond based on strong interest. The Black Hawk is finally within reach.

Target Markets: Armed Forces, Governments, Firefighting
Contact: Robert Lee, CMO, Arista Aviation, Enterprise, AL, +1-334-763-0591;

Booth: R72
New Generation Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Now Ready for Export:

  • Universal Hydraulic Test Stand (UHTS) for supporting F-16, C130, F-22, F-35, B-1, B-52, C-130, C-5A/B, KC-135E/R, etc.
  • High Purity Self Generating Nitrogen Servicing Carts (HPSGNSC) capable of producing gaseous nitrogen at a 99.5% purity level @ 5000 psi with high flow of not less than 30 SCFM.
  • A/F27T-12 Hydraulic Component Test Stand or JEHA MK IV is newly designed to perform all functional and operational tests of new generation military / commercial aircraft hydraulic and pneumatic components including actuators and control valves.
  • Optional Pump and Motor Test Console (P&MTC) to provide additional capability of testing pumps and motors.

Hydraulics International, Inc. has over 40 years of experience producing cutting-edge aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) including Air Driven Liquid Pumps / Gas Boosters / Amplifier Systems, Electric Driven Nitrogen / Oxygen / Mixed Gas Systems, Hydrostatic Test Pumps and Flowmetrics Products

Target Markets: Air Forces / Airlines, Aircraft and Helicopter Manufacturers, Hangars and MRO Facilities
Contact: Bahman Seifollahi, Vice President, HII, Chatsworth, CA, 818-998-1231 ext 221;

Booth: Q75
Marvin Test Solutions will be Exhibiting at the 2016 Singapore Air Show.

The Marvin Group, which includes the Marvin Engineering Company (MEC) and Marvin Test Solutions (MTS) will be showcasing their full line of alternate mission equipment and innovative test solutions for military and aerospace organizations. MEC designs, develops and manufactures missile launchers, ejector racks, pylons, and smart weapon products. MTS will be exhibiting their "smart" O-level and I-level aircraft armament test systems for the maintenance and sustainment of military aircraft and associated precision-guided munitions.

Target Markets: Weapon Carriage & Release, Weapon System Improvement/Spare Parts, Testing & Inspection, Test Facilities, Test Equipment
Contact: Darcy Ortiz, Trade Show Manager, The Marvin Group, Irvine, CA, +1-949-263-2222;

Booth: U76
McMurdo Extends Satellite-Based Search and Rescue Ecosystem with Mission-Critical Communications Solution
SARBE CommLink Asian Launch at Singapore Airshow

McMurdo is extending its Search and Rescue Ecosystem with the Asian launch of the SARBE CommLink at the Singapore Airshow. SARBE CommLink is a next-generation digital wireless intercom system that can help emergency response/rescue teams accelerate time-to-rescue with innovative features including superior audio quality, long-distance communications range and unique programing capability.

This military-grade communications solution is part of rescue operations and has been specifically designed for use in hazardous missions.

Target Markets: Rescue helicopters/aircraft, their crews and support teams, including medevac, offshore transit, disaster recovery and SAR.
Contact: Mary Ann Griffiths, McMurdo PR Consultant, Lanham, MD, +44-788-778-7935;

Booth: R75
Fortress HUMS Combines Sophisticated HUMS and a Crash Recorder into One Box
Reduce weight, installed unit count and maintenance/logistics overhead with the Curtiss-Wright/Ultra Electronics Flightline Systems Fortress HUMS

The Fortress HUMS combines an ED-112A qualified crash recorder with sophisticated inbuilt HUMS hardware. This innovative solution reduces installed box count by one and utilizes distributed data acquisition architecture for both flight and HUMS data. These changes mean system weight can drop from 70 lb to 13 lb versus current systems. The scalable architecture is easily re-programed with no need to switch anything out. Benefits include logistics and maintenance savings, improved safety and lower SWaP-C.

Target Markets: Global, Primes and OEMs, Rotor (Civil and MIL), MIL ground vehicles
Contact: Caitriona Bairead, Marketing Specialist, Curtiss-Wright (NYSE: CW), Ashburn, VA, +1-703-779-7800;

Booth: CS22
Harris Corporation Receives $66 Million in Tactical Radio Orders from Middle East Nation

Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS) received $66 million in orders to provide a Middle East nation with Falcon III® wideband tactical radios and accessories as part of an overall communications modernization effort. Harris will provide:

  • RF-7800H, a wideband HF tactical radio that delivers expanded data capabilities for long-range, beyond-line-of-sight environments
  • RF-7850M, for wideband, mobile ad-hoc networking
  • RF-7800V, for expanded narrowband data capabilities
  • RF-5800H, a narrowband HF tactical radio that delivers data and voice capabilities for long-range, beyond-line-of-sight environments

Target Markets: Tactical Radios, Vehicular Systems, Base Stations
Contact: Tim White, Director, Night Vision & Communication Systems, Harris Corp., Ft. Wayne, IN, +1-260-494-0408;

Booth: CS22
US Navy Awards Harris Corporation $54 Million IDIQ Electronic Warfare Contract

Harris (NYSE: HRS) will provide electronic warfare (EW) technology and engineering services for the Advanced Decoy Architecture Project (ADAP). Harris will provide ADAP payloads designed to lure missiles away from their intended targets with advanced electronic techniques. The ADAP payloads are an upgrade to the existing Nulka decoy. Harris also will provide research engineering services to help advance the Navy's capabilities to meet current and future EW mission requirements.

Target Markets: Electronic Warfare Technology
Contact: Tim White, Director, Night Vision & Communication Systems, Harris Corp., Ft. Wayne, IN, +1-260-494-0408;

Booth: CS22
US Army Awards Harris Corporation $800 Million Expeditionary Warfare IDIQ Contract

The U.S. Army awarded Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS)  a five-year, $800 million ceiling, multi-award IDIQ contract to provide expeditionary warfare products and services to the Army Research Lab (ARL). The ARL develops and supports advanced technology to enable government agencies to counteract and defeat threats.

Target Markets: Special Forces Operations
Contact: Tim White, Director, Night Vision & Communication Systems, Harris Corp., Ft. Wayne, IN, +1-260-494-0408;

Booth: CS22
Harris Corporation Awarded $113 Million US Navy Radar Upgrade Contract

Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS) received a four-year, $113 million contract from the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to upgrade the Navy's primary long-range, three-dimensional defense radar. The contract includes an initial $39 million order and three one-year options.

Harris was awarded the contract under the Navy's Radar Obsolescence and Availability Recovery (ROAR) program to upgrade AN/SPS-48E radars to the more advanced SPS-48G version, which uses a modern solid-state transmitter.

Target Markets: Surveillance, Electronic Warfare, Defense
Contact: Tim White, Director, Night Vision & Communication Systems, Harris Corp., Ft. Wayne, IN, +1-260-494-0408;

Booth: CS22
US Special Operations Command Awards Harris Corporation $390 Million IDIQ Contract for New Two-Channel Handheld Tactical Radio

Under the SOF Tactical Communications (STC) program, Harris (NYSE: HRS) will provide its new integrated two-channel, handheld radio that combines communications and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities to address the SOF's unique mission needs. The Harris STC handheld radio can operate in the harshest environments and meets rigorous requirements for small, lightweight, multiband, multifunction, multi-mission tactical radios. It can be upgraded easily and has built-in backward interoperability to communicate over legacy networks.

Target Markets: Two-Channel Tactical Radios, Special Operations Forces, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Contact: Tim White, Director, Night Vision & Communication Systems, Harris Corp., Ft. Wayne, IN, +1-260-494-0408;

Booth: R100d
Allied Wire & Cable Recognized as a Presidential 'E' Award Recipient
Allied Wire & Cable, a Presidential "E" award recipient, is a specialty manufacturer and value-added distributor of wire, cable, and tubing. Allied stocks a large inventory of mil-spec items, along with products from many major American manufacturers.

Allied Wire is a distributor who is known to have the largest mil-spec, shipboard and UL/CSA electrical wire and cable stocking facility in the world. The company, known for their excellence in exporting U.S. brands including Alpha, Belden and General Cable, has been recognized as one of Pennsylvania's "Faces of Trade," received the Presidential "E" Award—one of the highest honors available to U.S. companies involved in international trade, that recognizes efforts to expand U.S. exports.

Target Markets: Defense Electronics, Parts and Components, Aircraft Systems, Parts and Components, Aircraft – Military
Contact: Natalie Beers, Director of Marketing, Allied Wire and Cable, Collegeville, PA, +1-484-928-6700;

Booth: R80
Churchill Navigation Introduces the ION Digital Video Recorder

Churchill Navigation, the leader in Augmented Reality Mission Management systems, introduces the ION, high definition digital video recorder. Simultaneously record 2 channels of HD-SDI video, 1 channel of SD video, audio and STANAG 4609 compliant KLV Metadata. The ION offers playback while recording and live streaming of video to tablets, mobile devices, and datalinks. Starting at $9,500 USD.

Target Markets: Airborne Law Enforcement, Military, Utility, Fire and SAR
Contact: Erin Murphy, Director of Sales, Churchill Navigation, Boulder, CO, +1-850-748-7471;

Booth: R96
Service Bulletin Readiness
Fatigue Technology and Wesco Aircraft Partnered for MRO Success

Fatigue Technology (FTI) and Wesco Aircraft have partnered to aid MROs and operators' readiness for Service Bulletin embodiment. Hundreds of different tools lists have been identified and parts are on the shelf for Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer Service Bulletins and other Cold Expansion requirements. Wesco has increased stock levels in response to the Airbus Sharklet retrofit as well as other recently released bulletins for the A330 and A340 programs.

Target Markets: MRO, Airlines
Contact: Diana Echols, Business Development Manager, Fatigue Technology (division of Precision Castparts [NYSE: PCP]), +1-206-245-6983;

Booth: V67
CarteNav Announces the Release of its Radar Integration Software
CarteNav adds support for full radar control to the list of sensors that can be integrated in their mission system software

CarteNav, the Canada-based mission system software company, announces release of AIMS-ISR® with full radar control at Singapore Air Show. Developed through thousands of hours of operational feedback, CarteNav's AIMS software has been proven to increase mission effectiveness for airborne, maritime, and land-based platforms in a wide variety of missions.

The powerful software integrates radar control as well as EO/IR cameras and other sensor feeds into an intuitive, flexible, and networked user interface.

Target Markets: ISR, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
Contact: Steve Ayre, CarteNav, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA, +1-902-446-4988;

Booth: R96
The Lockwireless B-Nut — a Game-Changing Industry Fluid Coupling

  • The Lockwireless B-Nut provides a practical solution eliminating end-users' need to install tedious, time-consuming lockwire, otherwise required to ensure no separation of the fluid coupling joint.
  • The benefit is simple and quick fluid coupling installation eliminating possible FOD in critical applications, while still providing crucial reusability over the lifetime of the fluid coupling joint.
  • The Lockwireless B-Nut solution can be applied to numerous sealing system and material combinations to achieve customer specific application demands. R98

Target Markets: Propulsion, Rotorcraft, Airframe
Contact: Kevin Loveall, VP Marketing, Shur-Lok, Company (division of Precision Castparts [NYSE: PCP]), Bellvue, WA, +1-206-679-2607;

Booth: R96
Blind Tacking Rivet Reduces Human Touch Time on Assembly Stack-Up Installations by Over 50%

TackMax® is a blind, temporary fastener designed to aid in assembly stack-up and automation. Key features include high clamping force, wide grip range, ease-of removal, and design for use as a coordinate mark for vision systems.

Developed by PCC's Cherry Aerospace, TackMax® was designed around the Cherry One Tool concept. Existing single action installation tools from Cherry are capable of installing this fastener. Consult stand R98 for more information.

Target Markets: Aircraft Production, MRO
Contact: Kevin Loveall, VP Marketing, Cherry Aerospace Company (division of Precision Castparts [NYSE: PCP]), Bellevue, WA, +1-206-679-2607;

Booth: P80
Enterprise Florida to Host Pavilion at 2016 Singapore Airshow
Fourteen Florida small businesses will exhibit in the Pavilion

Enterprise Florida will lead 14 small businesses to the 2016 Singapore Airshow. The airshow provides tremendous exposure in the Asia-Pacific region for aviation and aerospace companies to show their industry-leading technology and services. Florida companies attending this year will exhibit a wide array of products including tools, hardware, machinery, components, software, support systems, MRO services, training and education. The Florida Pavilion will be the largest of any U.S. state at this year's exhibition.

Target Markets: Aviation, Aerospace, Defense
Contact: Sean Helton, VP Communications, Enterprise Florida, Orlando, FL, +1-407-956-5630;


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