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Indoor Farms of America Announces Issuance of Patent, Set to Display at World Ag Expo in Tulare, CA

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Indoor Farms of America, LLC  -- maker of unique vertical aeroponic indoor farm equipment, is pleased to announce the issuance of their U.S. Patent covering the entire vertical aeroponic farm system, developed to increase indoor farm production and reduce costs of installation and ongoing operational expenses through superior design and function of each area of the farm.

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In conjunction with this affirmation of the time spent in R&D to develop the farm platform, the Company announces their eagerly awaited participation at the upcoming World Ag Expo, the largest agriculture show in the world, being held in Tulare, California February 9th through 11th, 2016. 

Company CEO, David Martin, states "The whole company is very excited to publically debut the production farm equipment at such an important event like the World Ag Expo, and we look forward to showing folks what we believe is a game changer in the industry. Traditional farming operators can also add to their bottom line financial performance by integrating indoor growing operations and serving their local markets, which is our core focus, cost-effectively getting ultra fresh, locally grown produce in the hands of consumers."

The comments the Company receives from each visitor to their showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada provide the evidence that the nearly 2 years spent developing the equipment yielded a product worthy of owning and operating.  One buyer, Greg Boudreau, recently stated "We visited every manufacturer of indoor farms that can operate in a shipping container, and we found the GrowTruck technology to really be superior. They provide over double the functional growing capacity of the nearest competitor in the same space, and the price was far more attractive on a comparative basis."

Company President, Ron Evans, is eager to show the specific model that will be on display in Tulare CA at the World Ag Expo:  "Our display farm for the show is our Farmers Market model, which is based on a large Box Truck platform and can grow over 5,000 plants at a time, and can literally be driven to market and the fresh, naturally grown produce harvested and sold at the point-of-sale. We think this is a fun new way for people to get fresh local produce, and for the producer to make a real return on their investment."

Indoor Farms of America equipment uses the latest in farm management controls, and are easy to operate and maintain. The first farm underwent hundreds of hours of design, being put through rigorous testing to ensure long term reliability of the equipment.

CEO Martin states: "We tested many brands of individual components for nearly 2 years to determine the best overall selections for performance, reliability and price, all of which are determining factors for inclusion in our farms.  One key factor to consider if you are a buyer, is whether or not the ongoing farm maintenance will be inexpensive and easy to perform, while being productive for years to come. Ours will, that is how we designed them."


  • Patented Vertical Aeroponic Crop Growing Equipment is a major advancement for indoor and greenhouse agriculture
  • Leafy Greens, Peppers, Strawberries and more grow at up to 40 plants per square foot
  • FDA Food Grade equipment needs only 8 feet of ceiling height to operate
  • Non GMO, all-natural protocols, no pesticides or other chemicals used to grow
  • Uses up to 95% less water than soil farming
  • Amazing Taste due to natural mineral infusion system
  • Enhances Food Safety and Food Security -- less hands touch the food
  • Fully Sustainable -- no waste generated in the growing process
  • Can solve "Food Desert" crisis anywhere, right now

David W. Martin, CEO

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