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37Games' Li Yifei: We Are Making Chinese Games That Will Influence the World

SHANGHAI, Jan. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The 13th Chinese International Digital Content Expo was held from Jan. 7th to Jan. 9th in Beijing. As one of the biggest annual events in China's online industry, the expo attracted not only entrepreneurs and associations but also leaders from the Chinese government. Mr. Luo Shugang, the Minister of Culture, met with Li Yifei, President of one of the largest Chinese game companies, 37Games, and listened to his speech on the development of China's online industry.

During the meeting, Mr. Li Yifei revealed 37Games' plan of expanding to the comic and film industries in order to create an interactive entertainment empire. 37Games will keep offering excellent games and game-related products and services to domestic players. But in the meantime, it will also export first class products and services with Chinese cultural imprints to all over the world.

Chinese game companies like 37Games are now moving their gaze towards the lands across the Pacific. In Li Yifei's speech, "Getting Embraced by the World, A long Marathon for Chinese Culture", Mr. Li elaborated that even though the image of China is becoming warmer and clearer to foreigners, people outside of Asia still have only a vague idea about Chinese culture. Therefore, according to Mr. Li, Chinese enterprises need to understand and extract the essence of Chinese culture and express it in a way that target markets will understand. Meanwhile, creativity is also critical. When people think of China they think of "Made in China", but with time we want people to think of "Created in China" instead.

37Games was rather eye-catching in this year's Expo, receiving 4 prizes during the expo:

  • 37Games was awarded "Enterprise of the Year";
  • Mr. Li Yifei was awarded "Person of the Year";
  • The game, Legend of Conquest, developed by 37Games was awarded "Product of the Year";
  • The upcoming new game adapted from The Monkey King 2 was awarded "The Most Anticipated Game of 2016".

The future of 37Games seems bright, with acknowledgment from both inside and outside the online industry. But it still remains to be seen whether Chinese online companies like 37Games will thrive in the international market like they do in China.

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