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G2A Officially Opens Taipei Game Show 2016

RZESZÓW, Poland, LONDON and HONG KONG, January 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

- New Possibilities and New Products for Cross-Regional 'West-East' Trade with G2A announced that in addition to significant multi-million dollar investments into the gaming industry, upwards of 28 million dollars, G2A has expanded into the Far East and has a significant presence at Taipei Game Show 2016, to promote cross regional trade.

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G2A CEO Bartosz Skwarczek said:  "G2A is honoured to be invited to officially open the Taipei Game Show today at the ribbon cutting ceremony." Additionally, Taipei Game Show organisers had requested that Bartosz represent the Polish Gaming Industry at the official opening so it was a double honour.  Bartosz said: "Everyone at G2A is so excited about the new possibilities and new products for cross-regional 'West East' trade."  He added: "Everyone is welcome. G2A is open for all discussions and to explore business relationships."

G2A invited the top local gaming media for a Press Conference and Bartosz announced the new G2A project: G2A 3D+ (3D printing), and a brand new attraction within the G2A Virtual Reality project, G2A Land  G2A LAND Free Download from G2A.COM. Planned for Q1 2016  Both projects, including a virtual reality underwater world, will be available to experience for the first time for visitors and exhibitors to Taipei Game Show.

Bartosz described new business relationship opportunities currently being developed with MSI and new G2A products for cross-regional trade. G2A in cooperation with local partners was invited to give two presentations during the concurrent Asia Pacific Game Summit Conference on G2A 3D+ and a keynote speech on G2A Land covering: Why Gaming companies have to invest in new technologies? A Case Study from the VR Developer Perspective.  

CMO Dawid Rozek stated that G2A together with the Warsaw Trade Office based in Taipei and the Taipei Computer Association invited representatives of indie studios from 5 different countries to the G2A Indie zone. They are: Mandragora Team from Russia, Aterdux Entertainment from Russia, Devespresso Games from South Korea, Hiker Games from Vietnam, Extend Interactive from Thailand and representing Poland: Fuero Games, Space Boat Studios, Telehorse, Superhot, The Farm 51 and Anshar Studios. Award winning Polish company 3DGence were represented.

Dawid concluded: "G2A 3D+ will show the way. Visitors and those wanting to work with G2A will have a great view of how the 3D market will look in the future." Visit:


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