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Get Ready for the New Year with Apps from Sikka Software
Optimize Your Business to Better Serve Your Patients

BOSTON, Jan. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Start your New Year's off right with the Sikka Software Platform Cloud. Sikka's suite of apps will set your practice on the path to success with apps to optimize your business. Spend more time in the clinic helping your patients and less time trying to manage your business. With Sikka Software, your practice's details are available anytime, anywhere, with intelligent analytics to help you make informed managerial decisions.

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Worldwide, over 16,700 dentists and other practitioners use Sikka Software's apps to get the information they need to make complex decisions. These apps connect to 96% of practice management systems, making sure that the data you use is relevant, up-to-date and accurate.

  • Practice Optimizer: Know your numbers for everything from overhead, accounts receivable, production by provider, revenue by procedure and everything in between. You will not only have a 360-degree view of your practice, but also data to compare your scores on key metrics to practices across the nation.
  • Call Optimizer: Professional and personal phone interactions translate to more booked appointments resulting in better oral care for your patients. With Call Optimizer, a panel will appear on your front desk staff's screen with every incoming call. Data displayed includes patient notes, previous and upcoming appointments, outstanding balance and remaining benefits. Call Optimizer facilitates professional conversations with your patients that lead to scheduling the appointments they need, all the while ensuring good oral health. Have all the critical data in hand before you pick up the phone.
  • Fee Schedules: Get the information you need to set fees that are both competitive and appropriate for how and where you practice. You have two options for receipt of data; firstly, Practice Optimizer can show fees in your area by percentile and suggest codes based on comparatives and your own data. Or, for a one time look, fee schedules can be purchased directly from
  • American Dental Association's Benefit Plan Analyzer (ADA BPA): Take the guesswork out of choosing insurance plans. The ADA BPA pulls key practice data directly from your practice management system. With just a few inputs, dentists can compare potential financial impacts and quantify the staff and space capacity necessary for accepting new plans and meeting growth goals. ADA members are eligible for a free six-month trial. Find out more at

Vijay Sikka, CEO of Sikka Software, said:

"Whether you are just starting out or have been practicing for decades, knowing your numbers is imperative to making decisions about your clinic. Don't just assume your numbers are like everyone else's. Everyone practices differently, in different locations, and this can make a big impact on profitability. With Practice Optimizer, you will know your key business metrics and be able to make decisions that are best for your practice."

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Sikka Software Corporation is revolutionizing the retail healthcare industry via its platform cloud, analytical tools, apps and big data leadership. The retail industry includes over 2.1 million providers worldwide and over 600,000 in the United States. The Sikka Platform Cloud allows seamless compatibility with over 96% of the dental, veterinary, vision care and hearing care markets in the United States. Sikka Software Corporation has over 16,500 installations and is experiencing strong growth and market presence in the retail healthcare big data space. For more information, please visit


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