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Adxmi wins the "Innovative Mobile Games Distributor" award

GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Pan Entertainment Industry Summit hosted by GAME TEAHOUSE, a leading mobile game media outlet in China, concluded in Chengdu on January 21. At the event, Adxmi won the "Innovative Mobile Games Distributor" award.

Adxmi ( is China's first listed global mobile advertising platform. Its parent company, Youmi Technology, owns China's first mobile advertising platform. At present, China's leading Internet companies, Baidu and UC, as well as global Internet leaders -- Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo, among several others -- have all entered into extensive partnerships with Adxmi involving global mobile marketing. Adxmi has been noted by several industry watchers as the company with the most potential in the mobile advertising sector, as a result of its professional services and innovative products.

For mobile games looking to expand beyond the Chinese domestic market, Adxmi provides an end-to-end closed-loop "from promotion to monetization" program, covering the key components of any campaign: branding, media buying, user acquisition and traffic monetization. This novel model has been getting a lot of traction as a result of the positive results reported by mobile advertisers. Last year, to cite an example, Adxmi's MediaBuy team used the Line social platform to roll out the "The War Epic of One Kingdom, Two Kingdoms and Three Kingdoms" campaign in Taiwan, and garnered 150,000 downloads within a week.

Adxmi director, Rex Chan: "With China's capital markets looking forward to a cold winter, the time is right for mobile product developers to look beyond the home market."

Rex Chan, director of Adxmi, shared his opinions about overseas expansion of the mobile industry when commenting on the company winning the award: "Winter is coming." This well-known line by Jon Snow in Game of Thrones is an apt portrayal of the Chinese capital market in 2015. Official government statistics show the country's GDP grew 6.9% in 2015, the lowest level in 25 years for, what has become, the world's second largest economy, the Wall Street Journal reported on January 19. As China's domestic market is facing some serious headwinds, a growing number of Chinese app developers are seeking expansion beyond the borders of the home market.

Several Chinese app developers have begun overseas expansion and made significant progress. The term in Chinese for taking that step is "going abroad," as a tribute to Zheng He, an explorer in the Ming dynasty. The latest data reveals that internet security firm 360security is among the top five best-sellers in Google Play in 83 countries, while mobile software developer Cheetah Mobile announced at Connect 2016 that its products have 1.34 billion users worldwide.

The mobile advertising market is also benefiting from mobile apps "going abroad." According to data released by Marketer, China and the US were the two largest mobile advertising markets worldwide in 2015, accounting for 62% of the global total. This year, global expenditure across the industry is expected to reach US$10.13 million, an increase of 47.6% year-on-year. "In addition to the Chinese and US markets, we also plan to expand into Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, setting up offices and recruiting talented people in these regions," Rex said. 

Prior to 2015, apps were the main products promoted overseas, yet, starting from 2015, China-based games, tools and e-commerce platforms also began to appear in other markets, according to Rex. "To address diversified advertising types and promotion demands, we have launched a promotional package that includes RankBoost, Performance, Brandnig and MediaBuy. For app developers located outside of China, we launched our exclusive customized advertising program in addition to the existing video advertising, interstitial advertising and offerwall, solving the dilemma for most developers of how to monetize without denigrating the user experience."

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