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Anesthesia Business Consultants Demonstrates F1RSTCode at the ASA's PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 2016

JACKSON, Mich., Jan. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Anesthesia Business Consultants (ABC), a leading provider in billing and practice management for the anesthesia and pain management specialty, is pleased to announce it will be attending PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 2016 hosted by the American Society of Anesthesiologists, held January 29-31 at the San Diego Hilton Bayfront in San Diego. This event is the premier business event for physician anesthesiologists and practice administrators.

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ABC will be demonstrating its new anesthesia-specific ICD-10 documentation application, F1RSTCode. Unlike other apps in the industry that are not specialty-specific, F1RSTCode assists anesthesia providers in understanding documentation requirements without burdening them by requiring a search through the entire ICD-10 code sequence.

Jody Locke, ABC's Vice President of Anesthesia and Pain Practice Management Services, explains, "In a very logical and intuitive way, F1RSTCode takes you from the surgical procedure through the logic of ICD-10. It not only provides invaluable guidance for documenting the diagnosis, but will also provide a framework for discussing the post-operative diagnosis with the surgeon during the post-op time out."

Tony Mira, President and CEO of ABC states, "PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 2016 is a perfect venue for presenting F1RSTCode. ABC is committed to the anesthesia industry and F1RSTCode is an application that is exclusively available to ABC's clients. F1RSTCode is the only anesthesia-specific application that targets anesthesia providers."

Mira continues, "ABC is fully immersed in using data to benefit our clients, to enhance their ability to manage the practice side of their roles as anesthesia professionals. F1RSTCode, along with F1RSTAnalytics, our Big Data tool, enhances a practice's operational performance, thereby enhancing its clinical excellence. Our clients want to work smarter and want to see demonstrable results."

F1RSTAnalytics works in tandem with ABC's proprietary software F1RSTAnesthesia, giving clients a powerful tool to convert clinical information into claims for reimbursement. The software supports electronic claims editing to ensure consistently high billing acceptance rates, and minimizes manual intervention in payment posting through direct remittance processing. Clients are able to access the details of their practice and to view trends securely online.

You can find ABC at Booth #408 of the San Diego Hilton Bayfront.

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Anesthesia Business Consultants (ABC), established in 1979, is the nation's largest billing and practice management company dedicated to the complex and intricate specialty of anesthesia and pain management. The heart of our perioperative suite of products is ABC's proprietary practice management software F1RSTAnesthesia. Our newest tool is F1RSTCode, an anesthesia-specific ICD-10 documentation app. F1RSTClient is a premier client portal that allows clients' secure and seamless access to ABC's applications. F1RSTAnalytics, our powerful suite of dashboards and reports, provides "Insight at Your Fingertips" offering real-time data prowess and providing the data to aid in operating your anesthesia practice as an effective clinical organization and successful business. Our solutions provide accurate, prompt and complete billing and revenue cycle management. Our exclusive focus improves your cash flow and profitability. Visit ABC at:


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