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Solebit Announces the Demise of the 'Suspicious' Alert with New Product Launch
SoleGATE Email Protector is first deterministic cybersecurity solution that detects and blocks zero-day attacks

TEL AVIV, Israel, Jan. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Solebit LABS, a global provider of breakthrough cybersecurity solutions, announced today the launch of its initial product, SoleGATE Email Protector. Powered by Solebit's groundbreaking DvC engine, Email Protector enables organizations, for the first time, to deterministically detect code inside data streams. SoleGATE Email Protector is the first of a line of products belonging to Solebit's SoleGATE Security Platform, which overcomes the flaws inherent in current dynamic analysis methods implemented by sandboxing technology.

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Targeted attacks continue to grow and evolve at an exponential rate, with 78% of all incidents, according to TrendMicro, involving phishing emails. Through this popular intrusion vector, attackers take advantage of zero-day vulnerabilities in desktop applications and operating systems (OSs) to conceal and launch malicious code. Today's state-of-the-art detection mechanisms relying on sandboxing are expensive, intrusive, and can be bypassed by malware using common evasion techniques.

"Since its inception, the anti-malware industry has focused on differentiating between good code and bad code, nurturing the proverbial cat-and-mouse game with the attacker," Solebit's CEO Boris Vaynberg said. "Solebit's Email Protector is built with disruptive technology based on a very clear premise – the only reason executable code exists inside data-like attachments is to launch an attack. If we can deterministically detect code inside data, then we, by definition, are putting an end to the attack before it even started without having to understand whether it's good or bad code. If it's code, it shouldn't be there."

Solebit's DvC is a patent-pending engine based on static analysis technology that detects hidden code inside data objects regardless of the data object or how well the code is hidden or obfuscated. This, in turn, enables the SoleGATE platform to offer a conclusive result of either detected code or no code. Since the engine does not rely on executing code to detect malicious intent, false-positives rates are virtually eliminated (less than 0.002%), inspection time is extremely fast, and little human interaction is required. Agnostic to the target's OS or application type and version, Solebit's technology does not rely on any signatures or external sources such as blacklists or external inputs. Requiring no dedicated hardware or configuration, the technology saves on both time to deploy and resources.

Solebit LABS was founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs -- all graduates of elite technology units in the Israel Defense Forces -- with years of experience dealing with defensive and offensive cybersecurity approaches. The company maintains deployments among a number of leading US and European enterprises, including major financial organizations, defense contractors, cellular operators, and telecom service providers. Solebit is backed by Glilot Capital, Israel's leading cybersecurity venture capital firm.

Solebit will be exhibiting SoleGATE Email Protector at CyberTech 2016 on January 26-27 in Tel Aviv.

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