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iTouchFaucets showcase their SmartFaucet to help save the world up to 90% water, gas, electric & fuel in the recent CES and upcoming IBS & KBIS Show in Las Vegas

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Jan. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Joanna Boey, owner and inventor of iTouchFaucets, is proud to introduce what she thinks is the smartest faucet in the world.

iTouchFaucets partnered with NGHTV to showcase their SmartFaucet that uses smartphone touch technology which can help save the world up to 90% water, gas, electric and even fuel cost for airlines, cruise lines and RVs.                                                       

iTouchFaucets is a simple electronic touchpad that could replace your existing faucet handles and can be  attached to almost any faucet system for your bathroom, kitchen, shower and bathtub.

It offers 4 preset temperatures & various timers that can be activated with a touch of a finger, without having to use both hands to adjust the water temperature, making it convenient and sanitary, saving time and effort.

"A lot of water is wasted adjusting that water temperature," says Miss Boey, who was born and raised in Singapore where water is scarce and water conservation is her way of life.

Each temperature defaults at 3 seconds, for users to fill up a cup, so water is cut off during routine chores such as brushing your teeth. 

When done, users simply touch it again for another 3 seconds to rinse their toothbrush, using only 6 seconds of water versus 60 seconds, saving 90% water, gas and electric.

Users can avoid that cold splash of water by installing iTouchFaucets outside the shower.

When used in the bathtub, iTouchFaucets prevents overflow and mold issues.

This hi-tech solution to our current drought situation and ever increasing demand for clean water of the world due to increasing infrastructure, offers mutual benefits both to owners and end users as well as the environmentalists.     

Restaurants can save even more, since by law each employee must scrub their hands for 30 seconds—with US flow rate at 2 gallons per minute, 30 seconds means one gallon of water wasted.

Five employees means 5 gallons, 12 hours a day means 60 gallons, times 365 days means 20,000 gallons. Since most restaurants have 5 kitchen sinks, this means iTouchFaucets can help save 100,000 gallons per restaurant per year.

With her double major in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Singapore, Miss Boey was able to show how $20 savings in water, gas, and electric bills per month per room can raise the hotel value by $4,000,000 for every 1000 rooms, assuming using a 6% cap ratio. This means hotel investors can use Itouchfaucets to make a quick profit.


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