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4R Systems Enables Retailers with Limited Store Space to Maximize Profit with Assortment Optimization, presented at NRF's 2016 Annual Convention & EXPO, "Retail's Big Show."
4R invites retailers to meet with their team January 17-19, 2016, at booth 3481 to learn how the company's newest solution optimizes inventory assortment to increase profit.

BERWYN, Pa., Jan. 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- 4R Systems, Inc., a leading provider of advanced inventory and supply chain services that uses science and technology to help retail chains maximize profit from their omnichannel inventory investment, announced an assortment optimization solution designed to increase profit.

4R Systems: Profit Optimizing Retail

4R's solution positions retailers to model demand for products in a category by their attributes and find the best set of products to maximize sales or profit. AO also helps determine the optimal number of products for a retailer's omnichannel inventory.

4R President and CEO Kevin Stadler said, "We leverage behavioral analytics to accurately determine consumer demand. Further, our solution can accurately predict the probability shoppers will select a similar product when the first choice is unavailable. These analytics can help unify your entire supply chain and increase profit."

The Assortment Optimization Solution moves far beyond traditional SKU rationalization to optimize, and not just reduce, assortment. There are four major benefits to the assortment optimization solution:

  1. The AO solution uses actual store sales history and advanced behavioral analytics to accurately determine consumer demand for products.
  2. AO doesn't just identify products that should be dropped, it suggests products that should be added to the assortment and calculates the financial results of the optimal assortment.
  3. AO enables retailers to determine the optimal level of assortment localization for their business and the best assortment for each location in the entire retail chain.
  4. AO incorporates market basket and other data sources into its optimization logic to find assortments that improve, not reduce, sales results.

Assortment Optimization, like all solutions developed by 4R, is cloud based. It requires no capital investment, no additional staff, and minimal IT resources.

"Certainly, retailers will see improved efficiency and better decision making capabilities with our assortment optimization solution. The real win here is increased profit in short order for the retailer. That's why we do this," revealed Stadler.

Retailers can learn more about 4R's Assortment Optimization Solution at the NRF's Big Show, January 17-19, 2016, at booth 3481. Qualified retailers can obtain a free NRF Expo pass by visiting, courtesy of 4R Systems.

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4R Systems is a leading provider of advanced inventory and supply chain services, which help retailers gain significantly increased profits by optimizing their omnichannel inventory and related supply chain decisions. Founded by supply chain experts from The Wharton School and Harvard Business School, 4R provides capabilities that profit optimize the matching of supply and demand. From initial launch through replenishment to end-of-life for products—ranging from short-lived fashion items to long term staples—4R provides retailers with services that fit their business. Clients using 4R have seen increases in profitability of 1-2 % of sales as a result of higher sales levels on lowered inventory. Call +1 (610) 644-1234 or visit

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