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hopTo announces MAX-IE - the first native mobile user experience for Microsoft ® Internet Explorer®
hopTo's MAX-IE to be unveiled at Citrix Summit 2016

CAMPBELL, Calif., Jan. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- hopTo Inc. (OTCQB: HPTO), developer and provider of the most comprehensive mobile productivity platform is unveiling MAX-IE, the first native mobile app experience for Microsoft's Internet Explorer®.  This exciting breakthrough capability will allow enterprises to instantly mobilize and provide a native mobile experience for Internet Explorer® based web applications, including applications that employ Java, Adobe Flash, or Silverlight technologies.  MAX-IE will be made available as a standard feature of all versions of hopTo Work.

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"MAX-IE represents the completion of a significant milestone on the hopTo Work roadmap.   Enterprise customers in multiple industries have consistently told us that they have limited options to provide mobile access to scores of mission critical web applications that are based on Internet Explorer®," said Eldad Eilam, President and CEO of hopTo Inc. "With MAX-IE they can provide that mobile access securely with a user experience that will enhance employee productivity."

hopTo Work users will benefit from the following key features in MAX-IE:

  • Transform legacy Java, Adobe Flash and Silverlight applications to modern mobile UX
  • Smooth scrolling, without the lag typically associated with remote applications
  • Touch-friendly text input, including automatic zooming and positioning of edit fields with automated keyboard launch and dismissal
  • Automatically transform combo boxes into native touch-friendly dropdown lists for a fully mobile user experience
  • Easy install, configuration and delivery to enable access to web applications from hopTo Work
  • Backwards compatible with older versions of Internet Explorer®
  • Seamless interoperability with hopTo Work for Citrix

hopTo's new MAX-IE will be available for demonstration at Citrix Summit 2016 where hopTo is a Silver Sponsor at booth 407 in the Solutions Expo.  It will be released as part of hopTo Work and hopTo Work for Citrix during Q1 2016.

About hopTo:

Founded in its current form in 2012, hopTo Inc. is an innovator of a unique mobile productivity workspace platform.  The hopTo mobile solution delivers an unparalleled user experience without compromising enterprise security.  hopTo brings a new standard of mobile productivity with custom, touch enabled access to existing Windows applications and documents. The company is based in Campbell, CA. For more information on hopTo, please visit:, or download the hopTo IRapp from the hopTo investor page.  The company is based in Campbell, CA.

About hopTo Work:

hopTo Work, first launched in November 2014, was built upon hopTo's successful consumer application launched in 2013.  hopTo Work's mobile workspace was the first app to address the challenges of transporting Windows applications to mobile devices, delivering a rich user interface to take full advantage of the devices native technologies. By delivering existing Windows applications to mobile environments, hopTo Work continues to offer a secure and flexible mobile workspace for transforming and "mobilizing" existing Windows applications and touch enabled editing of Office documents from internal and cloud storage.

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