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More Than 40 DesignCon Exhibitors Announce New Products, Services, Research and More in Anticipation for Event
Expo Floor to Feature Innovations from Keysight Technologies, National Instruments, Samtec & More

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Today DesignCon previews an array of announcements from exhibitors participating at DesignCon 2016 next week. The event will feature an expansive expo floor welcoming industry-leading companies showcasing the most innovative products and services advancing chip, board and systems design. The event will take place January 19-21 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. For additional information and to register, please visit:

DesignCon will take place January 19-21 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

"Each year, DesignCon brings together the most inventive companies to help our attendees evaluate the latest high-speed design tools, technologies and industry developments," said DesignCon General Manager, Joseph Marks. "This year is no exception – DesignCon 2016 will host the largest expo floor in event history, with more than 160 total exhibitors, of which 40 have shared exciting announcements in anticipation of the event."

Below is a preview of announcements exhibitors will showcase at DesignCon 2016:

AirBorn Inc. (booth 306) announces significant enhancements to their HD4 Interconnect Solution. Improvements include "inverted T" termination on the board mount connector, solid conductor and stranded wire options, enhanced backshell casing as well as UL, CSA and RoHS certifications.

Amphenol (booth 635) is excited to showcase the following new product offerings: RCx optimized copper intra-rack I/O system, derivatives of the Paladin Interconnect System including Ortho Mate and Cable Backplane, Cool Edge Interconnect System, 100G AOCs, and Ultraspeed high performance PCB technology.

ANSYS (booth 843 ) new Chip-Package-System (CPS) design flow delivers unparalleled simulation capacity and speed for power integrity, signal integrity and EMI analysis. Automated thermal analysis and integrated structural analysis capabilities provide coupled chip-aware and system-aware simulation for CPS design, enabling customers to perform end-to-end multiphysics analysis.

ARC Technologies, Inc. (booth 1246) will showcase new product and service offerings including AC²ES products, Hot Melt Absorber products, Testing, and Electroless Copper Plating services.

Artek Inc. (booth 314) will introduce the passive variable skew adjuster. For the purpose of receiver tolerance testing against skew impairment, the variable skew adjuster can easily change the intra-pair skew.

Bellwether (booth 653) will show our high speed Pogo pin connector and the FFC cable which can meet USB 3.0/3.1 signal integrity requirements. Both of them can provide a more flexible system architecture. Our high retention force wire-to-board connector can provide excellent 4-direction wrenching strength resistance.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (booth 1135) launches a lineup of innovative products designed to deliver high signal integrity in increasingly dense applications. New products include the CoreGD™ and CoreHC™ RF adapters, Secure-Thread, one of the smallest threaded lock connectors available, and the Passive Probe, a 500Mhz CAT III/IV general-purpose, high voltage probing solution.

Dino-Lite (booth 322) announces the 5MP Edge series. Edge series units contain an enhanced sensor for improved image quality. New features include Extended Depth of Field (EDOF), Extended Dynamic Range (EDR), and Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR). The 5MP Edge scopes features Flexible LED Control (FLC) to enable partial illumination.

DVT Solutions (booth 545), LLC/Signal Microwave announces a new "VNA Post Calibration Measurement Board" to verify measurement results or drift over a 70 GHz frequency range. Optional 40GHz/70 GHz LRM or LRL calibration structures can be added for establishing the measurement reference plane for probes or fixtures.

Elite Material Company, Ltd. (booth 202) is proud to announce the addition of EM-891 & EM-891(K) to our industry leading brand of high speed "Green" PCB laminates.

EMA Design Automation (booth 506) will be demonstrating the new OrCAD Sigrity ERC. This product enables signal quality analysis screening for your entire PCB design. No models or complex setup required. Let your SI experts handle the really tough problems. Solve all the rest with OrCAD Sigrity ERC.

Focus Display Solutions' (booth 1247) new design process flow allows rapid Prototyping of VATN displays. FDS is presenting its new Vertically Aligned Twisted Nematic (VATN) LCD technology VATN modules produce a brighter backlight, increased sharpness, multiple color display characters/icons and a wider viewing angle than older twisted nematic technologies.

Hampoo (booth 1138), will be showcasing its one-stop service from pcb design to manufacturing to end product in smart home, IOT, industrial control, new energy and automotive applications.

i3 Electronics (booth 1155) will showcase their advanced printed circuit board and semiconductor packaging technology for the industrial, commercial, medical and aerospace industries. In addition, i3 will be highlighting their world-class advanced laboratory services and their Current Induced Thermal Cycling (CITC) test technology, which holds many distinct advantages over traditional printed circuit board reliability tests.

INGUN (booth 320) is proud to announce its latest RF&Microwave probing technologies (12 GHz narrow form factor flange-mount probes) and its new developments in the high-current probe field (spring-loaded contacts to test flat-blade and round-post automotive connectors).

Ironwood Electronics (booth 750) is proud to announce 75GHz bandwidth test sockets for engineering application. GT is a new elastomer technology that has silver particles held in a conductive column, similar to buttons, which are embedded in a non-conductive polyimide substrate on a proper pitch that provides high compliance and extreme temperature ranges.

Keysight (booth 725) will demonstrate a broad range of simulation, test, and compliance solutions designed to help engineers address the challenges presented across a variety of digital technologies, including the industry's latest evolving standards. Keysight will also conduct its Keysight Education Forum (KEF), reviewing the latest in high speed digital solutions.

KITAGAWA INDUSTIRES America, Inc. (booth 415) is proud to introduce its newly upgraded EMPV4 series, EMC and thermal dual function material. This silicone-free material provides excellent EMI noise suppression performance with higher permeability. Soft material allows for higher thermal performance by reducing thermal resistance.

Linear Systems (booth 1245) will discuss its new N channel and P channel JFETs, launching early 2016, and distribute copies of its newest white paper, 'Reducing Sensor Signal Chain Noise Using Linear Systems Discrete Components' by Ron Quan.

Lorom America (booth 502) is proud to demo the future of copper with channel speeds in excess of 320 GB/S in the existing QSFP+ form factor. Additionally, our new 28G SFP+/QSFP+ Passive Cables features a proprietary low loss cable technology, lowering cooling costs and reduced power consumption compared to fiber.

Meritec (booth 520) is featuring its new Hercules High-Speed interface used in VITA 76.0 now embedded in the new (HS-D) D-Sub rugged-rectangular MIL-DTL-24308 shell providing high-bandwidth, high-pin count and durability suitable for Mil/Aero & rugged commercial applications not previously accommodated by industry-standard connectors. 

Micro-Coax (booth 1055) has launched three new microminiature coaxial cables and connector design capability to support them. The new cables are: TGZ025D, a true flexible cable with an outer diameter of 0.65 mm, UT-020-TP, a tin-plated version of their popular semi-rigid cable and UT-042, the newest member of their semi-rigid lineup.

Molex (booth 817) will be debuting advanced heat dissipation options, analysis tools, backplane solutions, and other products including High-Speed Low-Loss Flex Circuit Assemblies, fabricated using DuPont™ Pyralux® TK flexible circuit material, the NeoPress High-Speed Mezzanine System and the Impel™ Backplane Connector System.

Multiple Dimensions (booth 1253) announces major investments to meet volume 3D-MID demands. Adding multiple new laser direct structuring systems, Multiple Dimensions is now the leading European volume producer of custom 3D-Molded Interconnect Devices serving diverse markets from automotive, consumer, security housings, and more. Anywhere plastics and electronics meet, 3D-MID belongs in the designer's toolkit.

National Instruments (booth 711) will be featuring several technologies: a higher performance model of the VirtualBench all-in-one instrument, PXI-based software designed instruments with user-programmable FPGAs, as well as NI Multisim™ circuit design software.

Neoconix (booth 529) is proud to introduce its FPConnected™ family, which integrates its novel connector products into high performance FPC assemblies. The U31C Series simplifies USB Type C implementation and terminates onboard with a low profile X-Beam connection. The XFPC Series incorporates X-Beam terminations at each end of a customer-chosen FPC length.

Optellent, Inc. (booth 300) will be demonstrating its cost-effective compact 28 Gb/s bit-error-rate tester (OPBX280). Operating at 25-28 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s (optional), OPBX280 is suitable for bench-top and production environments. The OPBX280 is the latest among Optellent's test solutions targeting 40 Gb/s and 100 Gb/s applications.

Oupiin America (booth 518) will be showcasing their high-power edge card, bus bar connectors, PCI Express and power connectors up to 150 amps as well as their complete line of back plane connectors.

PacketMicro (booth 753) announces and demonstrates two new rugged probes with performance up to 20 GHz, four new fixed-arm and flex-arm positioners to cover all the needs of fine-pitch RF probing, the first USB3.1 Type-C test fixtures, and SFD de-embedding software.

PFC Flexible Circuits (booth 1255), DuPont and Taconic will be presenting the white paper, "Lower Loss and Process Friendly Multi-layer Flexible Interconnect."

Polliwog (booth 215) is proud to announce a brand-new EDA tool called PollEx SI/PI Explorer for pre & post frequency and time domain signal integrity analysis with a DDR bus analyzer and transmission line analyzer.

Quadcept (booth 216) is proud to announce a new interface with Digi-Key. Now users can select Digi-Key parts in Quadcept and generate a BOM as well as order Digi-Key parts via Quadcept.

Robson Technologies, Inc. (RTI) (booth 105) updated their ERP tool for improved job management and introduced an in-house laser engraver to offload and streamline CNC manufacture of parts. RTI is showcasing new custom engineered test hardware products and turn-key solutions, including pneumatic test fixtures.

Samtec, Inc. (booth 619) will feature Silicon-to-Silicon product demonstrations featuring Flyover QSFP System, Z-Ray® One-Piece Interposer, ExaMAX® High-Speed Backplane and SEARAY™ Open Pin Field Array interconnects. Other demonstrations include Channelyzer™, an online full channel simulation/analysis tool, and the Augmented Reality App to examine ExaMAX® as a real-time 3D image.

Sarokal Test Systems (T4) is proud to Introduce X-STEP™ Intruder. It is a physical-layer latency and error injection tool used for modeling real-life cable connection distances and signal degradation to test the robustness of a base station or network system.

Siglent Technologies (booth 1248) will be showcasing our new SSA3032X Spectrum Analyzer. With a frequency range of 9 KHz - 3.2 GHz, 10 Hz resolution bandwidth, low phase noise and low noise floor, the SSA3032X is provides the highest performance / dollar ratio of any spectrum analyzer in its class.

Simberian Inc. (booth 422) will showcase Simbeor THz electromagnetic signal integrity software. The cost-effective software further increases accuracy of interconnect analysis and productivity of signal integrity engineers.

SiSoft (booth 935) is announcing OptimEye™, which automatically co-optimizes SerDes TX and RX equalization to maximize margin for high-speed serial channels. OptimEye replaces traditional "blind sweeps" with an automated process that runs quickly enough to generate custom equalization settings for each individual channel in a large system with thousands of links.

SPISim (T6) will showcase both of its flagship EDA products, SPIPro, the free version and SPILite. SI functions from post-layout data review, schematic channel builder, IBIS, S-Parameter, Transmission line modeling, waveform analysis and optimization will all be demoed.

Taconic (booth 1139) introduces fastRise™ EZp, a low temperature cur¬ing , low loss flexible bondply for complex rigid/flex PWBs containing polyimide, LCP or PTFE cores without excessive movement. fastRise™ EZp bonds well to difficult-to-bond-to substrates, can be sequentially laminated, bonds better to copper than other RF prepregs and yields higher peel in foil laminations.

Top Dog Test (booth 1154) is launching and introducing to the market a new line of Data Loggers by Graphtec Corporation. Data logging capabilities and sensors can be used with the various platforms and are seemingly endless - everything from basic voltage measurements to CO2 concentration and DC strain.

Ventec International Group (booth 118) announces the launch of their 'tec-speed' brand, which unites one of the most comprehensive range of products in high-speed/low-loss PCB material technology and better positions the range under a single identity. The launch is driven by a growing demand for high-reliability and high-speed computing & storage applications.

Wurth Electronics Midcom (booth 1041) announces the availability of the SOCRATES™ Evaluation Kit for SHDSL Ethernet First Mile Modems. This kit provides the ability to test the capabilities of Lantiq's SOCRATES™ in single-pair SHDSL applications. This allows customers to test the SOCRATES™ chipset in a variety of applications.

Yamaichi Electronics (booth 849) introduces the CFP8 connector. The CFP8 is a new plugable optical module form factor established by CFP-MSA for 400GbEthernet. The connector is capable for up to 16 channels of 28GBaud electrical signal for CDAUI-16 and CDAUI-8, and also 56GBaud electrical signal for future demand.

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