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DNAmito acquires ptTheragnostic
DNAmito Inc. A personalized and predictive radiation therapy company based in the Silicon Valley announced that the company has acquired ptTheragnostic Ltd

CUPERTINO, Calif. and MAASTRICHT, Netherlands, Jan. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- DNAmito Inc. announced today that the company has acquired ptTheragnostic Ltd in Maastricht, Netherlands.

ptTheragnostic is a spin-off from the Maastricht University, University Medical Center and Maastro Clinic. ptTheragnostic focuses on the development of genomics-based personalized analysis for radiation sensitivity to optimize radiation treatment for cancer as well as chronic disease risk prediction. The saliva-based genomics tests are integrated in multifactorial Clinical Decision Support Systems.

PTT was founded in response to the research of Professor Philippe Lambin, Radiotherapy for cancer treatment and Professor Bert Smeets, Clinical genomics of mitochondrial disease.  They have collaborated with world class institutions in Europe, the USA and the Middle-East. The research findings and the resulting patient data have shown remarkable effects in the area of mitochondrial DNA analysis.

Syed Hamdani who will serve as the CEO of the combined company said, "DNAmito brings a strong clinical, experienced product and commercialization team that will augment the science and development team in Europe to be a major player in personalized and precision healthcare. The goal is to improve patient care by bringing our unique and proprietary genomics technology-based products and provide cost effective solutions to the clinicians and the patients."

According to Dr. Martin Brown, Professor of Radiation and Cancer biology at Stanford University, "The team at Maastricht has done an excellent job in developing the assay and validating the science of predicting the outcome of radiation treatment of cancer. Their data has the potential to transform cancer treatment and early prediction of chronic disease thus vastly improving patient care."

The company will be headquartered in Cupertino, California with significant presence in Europe through the ptTheragnostic R&D offices.

Under the leadership of a seasoned management team with a strong track record of integrating acquisitions to create value, the company is working to bring its first product to the market in 2016.

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