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PV Nano Cell Releases New Product in Portfolio of Revolutionary Nanometric Conductive Digital Inks
New Conductive Ink Enables 3D Printing on Plastic, Fabric and Even Paper

MIGDAL HA'EMEK, Israel, Nov. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- PV Nano Cell, an innovative single-crystal nanometric conductive digital inks producer, today announced the release of its new product, Sicrys™ I50TM-119, the latest in its portfolio of conductive digital inks that have the capability to significantly advance printed electronic technologies. Sicrys™ inks enable the use of fast, inexpensive inkjet printing technologies, including 3D printed electronics, to bring intelligence to virtually any object. Sicrys I50TM-119 will be used in technologies including antennas, printed circuit boards, sensors, security devices and more.

"With the advent of this new ink, we are bringing yet another high-quality product to the printed electronics market. Sicrys™ family of inks enable the implementation of digital conductive printing in industrial mass production applications and environments," said Fernando de la Vega, Ph.D., founder and CEO of PV Nano Cell.  "We are working with numerous manufacturers of various printed electronics devices, including printed circuit boards and antennas, who will be implementing our inks to help advance their technologies."

Sicrys™ I50TM-119, a conductive ink based on single-crystal silver nanoparticles, has been designed for inkjet printing and low temperature sintering applications, which allows for printing on flexible substrates, such as plastic, fabric or even paper.  The ink, conveniently stored at room temperature, provides high silver loading, low viscosity, long shelf life, reliable jetting and good printability.  Printed patterns offer a unique combination of properties, including low electrical resistivity, good adhesion to a wide range of substrates, both polymer films and Indium-tin-oxide (ITO) films, and excellent durability in humid and aqueous environments. Sicrys™ I50TM-119 shares in the properties intrinsic to the greater Sicrys™ ink family in that they all support the implementation of digital conductive printing in mass production applications.

Cost-efficient, nanometric, metal-based conductive inks that are suitable for mass production processes, such as Sicrys™ inks, are critical to the growth of the printed electronics industry. Sicrys™ inks enable the use of inkjet printing technologies, which allow for the advancement of printed electronic applications including antennas, 3D printed gadgets and wearable devices, among countless others. With Sicrys™ inks, these technologies can be made with less material and increased efficiency, reducing costs and size and increasing design flexibility. For example, the multiple antennas found in cellphones today can be printed directly onto the phone case using Sicrys™ conductive inks, reducing the size and parts necessary to produce cellphones.

PV Nano Cell will be debuting its new ink at IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA at Booth Q18 on November 18 and 19 in Santa Clara, California.

About PV Nano Cell
PV Nano Cell has developed innovative conductive inks that will accelerate the adoption of solar photovoltaics (PV) and printed electronics (PE) through inkjet printing with inks made of nano-metric materials. PV Nano Cell's Sicrys™ is a single-crystal, nanometric silver conductive ink delivering enhanced performance. Sicrys™ is also available in copper-based form, delivering all of the product's properties and advantages with improved cost efficiency. Sicrys™ silver conductive inks are used all over the world in a range of industrial inkjet printing applications, including photovoltaics, printed circuit boards, antennas, RFID tags, sensors, smart cards, touchscreens and advanced packaging. For more information, please visit

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