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ExSights Creates Buzz for Supply Chain Leaders at Dreamforce '15

PLYMOUTH, Mich., Nov. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ExSights, a cloud-based supplier collaboration platform, used one of the largest technology conferences in the world as a sounding board for the modern supply chain.'s annual event, Dreamforce '15, provided the ideal venue to address how the change in internal and external data collection and movement will require Supply Chain leaders to re-think traditional supplier "push" messaging with a more collaborative, bi-directional, real-time platform that supports a community of suppliers.

ExSights is a purpose-built, cloud platform for supplier collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers.

"What we see among major brands in manufacturing is the pivot to the Goods as a Service economy," stated ExSights CEO, Bhavesh Shah, "and to be successful, or even competitive, the manufacturing enterprise is going to have to be much more transparent and much more synchronized with its supplier base. ExSights will deliver this supplier community and move the enterprise away from the legacy systems."

To continue the company's momentum in delivering the value of an ExSights Community for the supply chain the company recently launched their new web presence and will be sponsoring several Supply Chain-focused events in Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois. Follow @ExSights on Twitter to learn more about where the company will be sponsoring and speaking.

About ExSights: ExSights is a platform for manufacturing enterprises to collaborate with their suppliers and enable information sharing so they can efficiently respond to dynamic forecasts. For more information, or to request a demo, please visit

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