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Basho Deepens Developer Relationships with Taishi: The Community Recognition Program
Taishi Acknowledges Individuals for Their Passion and Public Service Toward Simplifying Distributed Systems

SEATTLE and SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Basho Technologies, the creator and developer of Riak® software, today announced its Taishi Community Recognition Program.

The inaugural program celebrates individuals making contributions to the open source distributed computing landscape. The term Taishi is the Japanese word for "ambassador" and is a reference to the sense of public service the Recognition Program's members elicit.

Taishi community members were selected because of their important participation in the global distributed systems community. These committed individuals are also members of other developer communities and spend their valuable time maintaining open source software to solve problems facing the industry. Their contributions include applications to help make the Internet a safer place for families, provide better car-routing algorithms and develop innovative distributed infrastructures. Taishi members, as well as the Basho community at large, also provide projects directly to the Basho Labs Repository, a 100 percent community-driven repository to share code freely and regularly.

"The Basho community is more than any one product or person; it's a collection of people who share a passion for our mission to simplify distributed systems," said Dave McCrory, Chief Technology Officer of Basho Technologies. "With the debut of our Taishi Community Recognition Program we can formally thank those who contribute to our collective success. We're honored to have people with a broad range of technical expertise represented in the Taishi Program from day one and look forward to watching this large, diverse community continue to grow."

Taishi community members -- which includes developers, educators, engineers and architects -- will have unique opportunities to engage with Basho engineers at private events and conferences, exclusive access to preview products and roadmaps, increased privileges on Github Basho Labs and more.

Initial Taishi community members include:

  • Matt Ranney, engineer, Uber; co-founder, Voxer: Ranney is a supporter of the San Francisco distributed systems conversation and is excited to contribute to the growing Basho community. He also build the first Node.js client library for Riak KV. Ranney will present a talk at RICON 2015 called, "Hyberbahn: a Service Discovery and Routing Framework."
  • Mariano Guerra, co-founder, Event Fabric: Guerra created and maintains Efene, a programming language for the Erlang VM. He is passionate about making Riak Core the "ruby on rails of distributed systems" and will present a talk at RICON 2015 called, "From 0 to a working distributed system with riak_core."
  • Damien Krotkine, software engineer, Krotkine helps new community members learn how to run Riak KV in production through his real-world experience. He has a passion for Erlang, Elixir, and Perl and is to present a talk at RICON 2015 called, "Events storage and analysis with Riak."
  • Sean "Stabby" Kelly, developer, Tapjoy: Kelly Is a Corgi enthusiast, Golang and Ruby developer with a fascination for systems thinking. Kelly will discuss the open source message queue built at Tapjoy at RICON 2015 in a talk called, "Dynamiq: An implementation of a fanout / queue on top of Riak."
  • Pedram "Deadzen" Nimreez, CTO and Riak Core contributor: Nimreez is a regular contributor to key tools throughout both Basho and Erlang communities.
  • Shawn Debnath, co-founder and CTO of Pryvy: Debnath builds distributed applications that make the internet a safer place for families. His supports new users with his extensive experience running Riak S2 and its dependent libraries in production.
  • Eduardo Gurgel, software engineer at Carnival Mobile: Gurgel is an active contributor to the Erlang and Elixir communities and a crucial contributor to the Riak Elixir client library.
  • Daniel Dreier, technical operations engineer, Puppet Labs: Dreier brings a love for distributed systems and their automation to Taishi. He refactored the Riak KV puppet module to enable operations engineers to easily spin up Riak.

At RICON 2015, Taishi community members will co-host a Basho Demo competition where participants share their most creative way to show off what Basho products can do. Additional details are available here:

To learn more about the Taishi Community Recognition Program, visit

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